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  • Aug 28, 2022 by B Duffy

    Food was phenomenal, but the service was even better! I went there with a party of 12 on a Friday night and our server never missed a beat. She was absolute perfection. We had pizza (which my very picky Autistic son ate every bite of!), Buffalo chicken strips, Horseshoe burger (This is not healthy eating, but may be the best thing on the menu), Alfredo, kids cheeseburger, Cajun Sausage pasta (my dad said it was to die for), Ribeye, and more that I can't remember. There was nothing bad to say about any of it!

  • Aug 26, 2022 by Kallie Haddix

    A couple of weekends ago I made a 1 star review for this restaurant. The GM contacted me and we discussed what took place. She graciously sent me a gift card and asked if we would give them a second chance. Tonight we came in and had Erica as our server. We had a MUCH better experience than our first, and I was very impressed. I wanted to come back to give an updated review out of kindness because of the respect and concern I was shown. Also, we just happened to get one of the best waitresses in the place. We will definitely be coming back. So grateful for the second chance!

  • Aug 21, 2022 by Christopher Lane

    Fast friendly service, even late night. Moonshine cocktails were on point, and food was phenomenal. I got the street corn chorizo flatbread as my entree and it was delicious.

  • Aug 06, 2022 by D Turner (DTNash)

    Very busy night I was there, but waitress Thalia was courteous, prompt, and attentive... even while adeptly juggling multiple tables. Caribbean Chicken entree with side salad was perfectly cooked and sauced. Good job all!

  • Jul 13, 2022 by Eileen Randman

    Passed by this place and there were lots of cars so I thought busy means good. I judge a sports bar by their burgers, right! Theirs was out of a freezer box as were the budget onion rings. They put a lot of seasonings on the burger to try make up for it which is not really about the beef. New in the area thought it would be a fun regular hangout but food and atmosphere will prevent me from returning. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever written a negative review on Google.

  • Jul 12, 2022 by Daniel Richie

    Ordered pimento BLT on cranberry bread. Menu had no mention of nuts in the bread. Took a couple bites then noticed it had nuts in it. Being allergic we asked if it could be remade without the nut bread. Waitress then pretty much scalded me saying I should of notified them of my food allergies. No sorry of any kind. Kinda left me shocked because I wasn't mad or anything. Just asked for them to remake it. Then came the bill no write off of the food I ended up taking in a to go box because everyone else was done eating. To top it off we were automatically charged a tip. So the food was good but never had worse service. Good luck folks!

  • Jul 11, 2022 by Leanne Kirkham

    I love this place. They are so accommodating with my food allergies, food is always delicious and service is great. Definately good value for the reasonable price. One of my favorites for over 20 years now!

  • Jun 15, 2022 by Austin Munday

    Jonathan’s bar had great waiters and plenty of TVs, and everything was kept in order and clean. However the food quality is rather low. There wasn’t much on the menu that stood out to me. So I got the Philly cheese steak, it was okay, but the steak had a few connective tissue bits that killed my appetite. The food is just very average. It gets 3 stars because they charge a premium amount for average food. Across the street at honey fire BBQ. The food quality is much better and unique and for a similar or lower price than Jonathan’s Grille. Although if you want to watch a sports game and have some beers, then this is a a great place - as like I mentioned, the staff were very good and there were televisions everywhere.

  • Jun 05, 2022 by Chris Hilliard

    The three stars is for the server, now for the food, we ordered wings and a ribeye steak, the wings were extremely hard on the outside and very rubbery and watery tasting on the inside, I got Creole flavor and barbecue and I think they sprinkled three tiny little bits of seasoning on each one for the Creole because they literally tasted like nothing and the barbecue literally tasted and looked like they poured it out of a crafts barbecue bottle. The steak though tender literally tasted like water as well, it had no salt no pepper no seasoning taste whatsoever and literally tasted like they boiled it in water and put it on a grill long enough to put grill marks on it. Their blue cheese dip for the wings was extremely watery and it was basically like dunking my wings in milk. I really wish that Google would allow me to rate service versus food because I would give them a negative 10 on the food quality. All in all I've gotten better wings from the 7-Eleven gas station and would not recommend this place at all.

  • Apr 28, 2022 by Janet Lamb

    My favorite dish at Jonathan's is the blackened fish sandwich and sweet potato fries. The fries are a $1 upcharge but compliments the fish so well, it's worth it. My companion got a chicken caprese sandwich which was very tasty. We love the happy hour. My companion got the two for one craft beer and I got a double pour wine. Good food, good drinks and a good time.

  • Apr 16, 2022 by Jacob Mounts

    Good food. Good atmosphere. Helpful staff. If you're in the area and looking for a sports bar/restaurant hangout to watch the game and get some grub then I'd recommend stopping by to give them a try.

  • Mar 11, 2022 by Scott Wilson

    I come here frequently for lunch. Food and service is consistently solid. Good local spot to watch a game or get together with friends. I have tried about a dozen items from the menu and have enjoyed each one. Staff have always been friendly and accommodating, although lunch service for larger groups could be a bit quicker.

  • Mar 05, 2022 by The Conservative Crave -

    If I could rate more than 5 stars I would! Friendly staff, great food and fun atmosphere! I always feel at home here. Crispy Brussels will change your life!

  • Feb 10, 2022 by Andrei Dumitrescu

    We've been coming here regularly for years, when it was Jonathan's, the darker ages when it was AJs, and now back again under the original name. It's always been a lot of fun, lots of TVs to watch sports, beer is varied and they have good rotating specials. Food was good and has improved in the past couple of years. Highly recommended.

  • Jan 31, 2022 by Doug Weatherspoon

    A great dining experience for myself! It was my first time visiting and all I can say is I’ll be back again! Seems like a wonderful atmosphere to grab a quick bite or to hang out with some friends. My server, Toni, was just so polite and helpful with recommendations. Her service was speedy and made for a pleasant experience! If you stop by I would definitely recommend asking to be seated with her. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did! Happy dining!

  • Jan 31, 2022 by Melanie Chipman

    Jonathan’s is a cool place to come to when you want a Nashville vibe but not downtown Nashville level. The staff is great, the food and drinks are always just right and they truly do there best. Shout out to Sarah w. She has been there for years and never fails to put a smile on our face when visiting

  • Jan 29, 2022 by John Vanderpool

    Great fast service. Drinks came quickly and food was delicious. Toni is an outstanding waitress. We will ask for her the next time we come back. And we will come back. Thank-you so much for a great dining experience.

  • Jan 28, 2022 by Sid Sambrano

    First time coming to Jonathan’s and I have to say everything was good…. The French onion soup was delish. Our server Toni was great checked on to make sure that our drinks were never empty or if we needed anything else to make our dining experience a good one. We will be back again.

    Sid S

  • Jan 27, 2022 by Danny Dean

    The waitress was attentive.. I didn't order any cold drinks because it was too frigid do so, at least for me. The chicken was excellent. If it wasn't, I wouldn't give as good of a rating due to the inside temperature.

  • Jan 04, 2022 by James Walton

    Good food, fast service but not rushed to leave and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for? Nice Pub atmosphere

  • Dec 13, 2021 by Greg Tucker

    Pleasantly surprised to discover this place. The pizza was delicious. The Hangover Burger with fried egg on top was very good, but the Horseshoe Burger was amazing. A great surprise. Our waitress made sure our glass were never empty, our orders were correct and we had everything we needed.

  • Dec 08, 2021 by Kathy Tye

    Everyone is so kind! Had their Potato soup and a spring mix salad - a half salad. Potato soup was absolutely delicious. The salad was awesome!

  • Nov 24, 2021 by John Kasper

    Hit this place at 2:00 pm and still a good number of folks having a late lunch. I ate the Bang Bang Tacos and I would definitely say that they were much better than what you would call “bar food”. My partner had a salad and Chicken Strips. Service by Kayla was exceptional. More than one location, I’ll be back to try some more serious entrees.

  • Nov 15, 2021 by Anita Storm

    Good food and good services. We went yesterday to watch the cowboys game. Alex is a great waitress she was very very nice. We'll come back soon.

  • Nov 09, 2021 by Amanda Poteete

    This is our go-to restaurant! We have had just about everything on the menu, and it is all great! This place also has GREAT pizza! Always featuring daily specials and my husband loves the 2 for 1 draft beer happy hour!

  • Nov 02, 2021 by Will Trahan

    Monday night. Wasn't expecting it to be so busy. While it is a sports bar very few were watching the TV's. Lots of families and people talking. As for service and food, I was very disappointed. For as high as the reviews are I was expecting more. Service was very slow and inattentive. I understand that's still an issue with the pandemic. That's why it isn't a 1 star review. The food was poor. The pretzel wasn't bad, but I'm not going to give props to cooking a pretzel. Same as the salad, I've had worse but I've also had better. My main issue and poor review is for the entree. The steak was well done when I ordered medium well but that's a risk at any place. The steak had absolutely no seasoning, and for being a sirloin it had a taste I couldn't place. Most likely grill contamination from something else being cooked on it prior or who knows maybe it just needs a cleaning. A1 and salt barely made the steak edible to me. The potato was hard, couldn't really figure out whether it was undercooked or overcooked but it also wasn't up to my expectations. Exceptional presentation. The photos show the food looked great. So I base my 2 star review only on my experience with the main course which sadly disappointed me more than the fact I was dining alone and on my birthday. Other reviews seem to applaud other menu items so I suggest you avoid the steak and baked potato.

  • Nov 02, 2021 by Sheila J.

    Don't order delivery or takeout from here ever because they are the kings of leaving out full meals. Not okay

  • Oct 17, 2021 by Patience Hamilton

    We love, love, love Sarah. We go on Saturday nights after work and she's awesome. She already knows our drink order and brings it when she greets us. They have an awesome deal with 1 topping 12inch pizza for $6 after 9 or 10. And they have 2 for 1 beer. They have a Radler grapefruit beer on tap right now that's great.

  • Oct 14, 2021 by James heath

    Great service!! Cool spot that seats quite a few... For and drink were both priced well and we ordered a large variety of food and everything was good for just being a sports bar... Next time we're in the area we'll absolutely stop back in... Yes I suggest visiting this spot

  • Oct 10, 2021 by Rachel L.

    Solid spot. Is it fancy? No. Does it need to be? No. It's a good basic sports bar where you can catch a game and eat some quality food. It doesn't have the fanciest menu, but everything is fresh and well prepared! Convenient location with ample parking. Good salads and burgers. Great service and kind employees.

  • Oct 07, 2021 by Bryan Gregory

    Lauren is the greatest server ever, she needs a raise!
    She has revolutionized our dinning experience made recommendations for the best dishes they had to offer. She felt like one of us and really made us feel at home. There’s no other bar and grill I ever want or need to go to, this is our home now. Her smile and positive attitude towards everything made us all feel welcome and that we belong here.

  • Sep 28, 2021 by James P.

    Excellent menu and prices, with delicious food.  The best thing is the service personnel:  very friendly, and extremely competent and efficient.  It is always a pleasure to go there!

  • Sep 25, 2021 by Bevan R.

    Came here at the recommendation of a friend. As the score reflects, not pleased with the experience. I ordered a cauliflower crust pizza with veggies and meats called The Works and my companion ordered the hot bacon cheese burger. Maybe it was just because we come from out of town, but we missed the part about how lettuce, tomato and pickles are available upon request and are neither automatic accoutrements nor suggested by the server, but the burger came out plain as could be and he was disgusted by it. When the server came to clear plates, he had clearly not eaten more than a bite and told her is was disgusting and she just smiled and said "sorry about that". While I was eating mine, it seemed like the crust had been cooked fine but the veggies on top had hardly cooked at all. I thought that was strange but it tasted okay so did not think much of it (plus I was hungry)..... until about 6 hours later that evening when I could barely move from the stomach pains. Now, I manage restaurants by profession and this was clearly a case of the crust having been precooked and the rest not cooked sufficiently. I have definitely eaten some questionable things with no stomach issues and this was the first time that I can recall actually suffering from something that I ate. Poor showing and I hope this was not typical.

  • Sep 20, 2021 by Kayla Nguyen

    Super friendly and kind staff. Food was delicious. Being the first time comer who is from Texas, I would definitely come back again.

  • Sep 12, 2021 by Linda Greer

    Tuesday my husband and I went out on a date

  • Sep 04, 2021 by danny piper

    Very good everything. It was Friday afternoon, the waitress lady knew her stuff, we were there for a girls afternoon. Never felt rushed. Tried the salmon salad. Wonderful, asked for a beer with a little bit of sweetness, she peg it. We had a great time. Reason prices. Waitress was also the bartender, never made us feel like she was "overwhelmed ". We will be back to that location again.

  • Aug 21, 2021 by J P

    Good service on a busy Friday night. Nice atmosphere, it's a lot different than it was before. Tasty burger, lots of fries. Will definitely be back.

  • Aug 20, 2021 by Cami J.

    Fantastic burger - I had the Hot Bacon Cheeseburger this time...ordered it medium and it came out a perfect, delicious medium. My waiter, Matt, was equally excellent. Great outside seating. Everyone so accommodating. I love this restaurant.

  • Aug 19, 2021 by Annie R.

    Service & dinner were great! Kaitlyn was top notch! Definitely come around happy hour for two for one drafts.

  • Aug 08, 2021 by Panthers football money

    The drinks was good, by the time I received my food I accidentally knocked it onto the floor. No one offered anything. So I don’t know how the food taste. My dog liked it though .

  • Aug 06, 2021 by Brian Sawyer

    Great place to relax after work. If The 2 for 1 beers till 7 isn't a good enough reason the staff is really friendly and the food is amazing. I will definitely be going back.

  • Aug 06, 2021 by Darrell Chandler

    I have been coming to this Jonathan’s for over two years now and they never disappoint. The staff is always friendly and I consider them my second family. I have never had bad service at this location and the food is excellent! Along with everything else the drink specials are phenomenal! Overall this is my favorite place to go in Nashville for great times and a place that always makes you feel like you are at home! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Jul 29, 2021 by Valerie Johnson

    Waitress Lauren is exceptionally efficient, attentive, and made no mistakes. Recommend the lemon-basil chicken appetizer. Buffalo chicken dip is more cream cheese than chicken texture, so if you don't love cream cheese, choose something else. Meals were perfectly prepared, drinks were well made and reasonably priced. Nice beer selection. Bathroom clean and well stocked. Dined from 7:15p to 9:20p. This was my fourth very favorable visit to Jonathan's. Will definitely return for a fifth visit.

  • Jul 24, 2021 by Mike Dyriw

    2 for 1 beers. Awesome. The pizza here is really good. No complaints.

  • Jul 17, 2021 by Agnew D.

    Party of 9 birthday celebration and it was superb. We did not call ahead yet they managed to find us a large table with plenty of space. It also appeared they were expecting a party as we also had a dedicated server exclusively for us.

  • Jul 09, 2021 by Lauren J.

    Impeccable service. Sarah was awesome! Mediocre French onion soup. I don't think it was cooked all the way. 2 for 1 beer?! Sign me up. Crispy Brussels. Fire  (as the kids say).

  • Jun 14, 2021 by David Pyle

    Wow wow wow! I used to live on Bellevue when I was younger and was never had much experience to visit Jonathan's. My wife and I are back in the area and we decided to stop by based on the great reviews.

    Our visit was fantastic. We were greeted by a friendly host and immediately seated. Our waiter quickly took our drink order and quickly returned to check of we were ready to order food.

    The menu is quite vast. I usually worry about quality and how long it will take when the menu is that large, but I was pleaently surprised. I had a BBQ sandwich and my wife had a personal cheese pizza. Both were delivered super fast, and both were excellent.

    We were so happy with our visit and will definitely be back. In and out was less than 45min. I think it was probably 20min from order to food arrival.

    Great service, great menu, great prices! What else could you ask for? $30 with tip (%20) for my wife and I. We did not order any drinks, but the selection looked great, and the prices were reasonable.

    I would absolutely recommend if in the area!

  • May 24, 2021 by Wick D.

    Can't wait till this current ownership finally ends up giving it up... it's a terribly managed restaurant. The staff, especially the bar staff needs to be overhauled, replaced by professionalism. And the drunks there need a new hole to crawl into. Too bad- but it's a hold over..  looking forward to big changes.

  • May 20, 2021 by Kirsten H.

    Went here for the first time on Sunday May 16. Service was extremely quick! The food was absolutely delicious. I would highly recommend! Will be back here again!

  • May 12, 2021 by Julianna cauthen

    Over the years they have gotten so much better.
    Foods better
    Bartenders are better
    Ownership is better
    The only wish I have is for them to make a small group pricing.

  • Apr 13, 2021 by Kato Kafe

    Not bad for a Sunday night visit but there is room for improvement. Seems to be a great space for a group gathering. Good selection of draft and bottled

  • Apr 01, 2021 by Josue J.

    So we came here for baseball opening day. We didn't have any entrees just some apps and beers. Their TV layout is on point. There are no blind spots, which is very important. The apps were good, so I'm assuming the food would be good as well. Definitely a good place for sports.

  • Mar 30, 2021 by Cody Morton

    I hate to give bad reviews. Food just wasn’t good, both plates had a weird after taste to them that didn’t go with the food if that makes sense. Kinda like a moth ball taste... the staff was extremely friendly and nice A+ for them. The food and price D+ **Will try again, please come try for yourselves**

  • Mar 27, 2021 by Katie M.

    Jonathan's is always a hit because their menu will satisfy anyone's cravings. This locations service is not as great as others I have been to, but all locations have great bar areas with lots of TVs to watch games

  • Mar 17, 2021 by Sherry Bublick

    Was good ...not many folks there but usually is slow during the day...but the nights are getting very busy with it being quite full...having great time and watching sports on the screens'll enjoy the crowd!! Come on over!!

  • Mar 17, 2021 by Cassidy Marie Keyes

    This place is full of atmosphere and friendly faces! Our waitress was nothing but helpful and sweet. We came on St. Patrick's day (Wednesday afternoon) the food was absolutely delicious and my picky children both agreed. Will definitely be back! :)

  • Mar 13, 2021 by James R.

    Great food and service. Love this place even when they screwed up my to go order, it was fixed with great customer service.

  • Nov 12, 2020 by Don R.

    If you like sports, you will probably love this place. There are lots of tvs in the place. Our food was pretty good for bar food, which is what this place serves. Our servers were prompt and very polite and I was able to get two beers for the price of one because I guess buy one get one is a thing in Nashville? A great thing I think. Anyway, our wings were good. My buffalo chicken sandwich was small but tasted okay. My daughter had a burger and again, it was okay for late night bar food.

  • Nov 05, 2020 by Hillary B.

    The one night I order to-go and they completely butcher my meal. They added ham to my pizza, but I didnt order that on there. I understand they dont know I hate ham, but it has never come like this, and I couldn't enjoy it. I asked for sides of ranch, in which none were given. For a 15 dollar small pizza the least you can do is get my order right and give me some ranch. :(

  • Nov 05, 2020 by Hillary B. 1 photo

    The one night I order to-go and they completely butcher my meal. They added ham to my pizza, but I didnt order that on there. I understand they dont know I hate ham, but it has never come like this, and I couldn't enjoy it. I asked for sides of ranch, in which none were given. For a 15 dollar small pizza the least you can do is get my order right and give me some ranch. :(

  • Oct 25, 2020 by Nita Presley

    Game pub. Comfortable. Laid back atmosphere. They fill all the tables. Food was pretty good.

  • Oct 16, 2020 by CeeCee W.

    We have been going to Jonathan's for 10 years in Bellevue. Today around 3pm we ate at the Grille. We were so very disappointed. We had the spinach dip and it was so runny you could not eat it and then the soup and salad, pick 2, the soups were awful. I don't know if they changed the recipe or what but after a  $72 bill we want be going back anytime soon.

  • Oct 15, 2020 by Candice Evans (Candi)

    My food was very good. The ranch dressing was some of the best I've ever had. I got the Caribbean chicken and so happy I did! The only bad thing is it was so loud you couldn't hear yourself think... If I go back it would be for the food not the noise.

  • Oct 06, 2020 by Merry L.

    The most urgent mistake this place made was that they were not marking out or spacing tables to encourage social distancing during the pandemic. I was happy to see the staff was wearing masks but this is simply not enough for an airborne illness. I was really upset when near the end of my meal during a slow time a mother with two small children decided to sit at a both adjacent to mine -well within the 6 ft suggested by the CDC-even tho the restaurant was nearly empty and there were 20+ tables free spread across the rather large area that this restaurant occupies. This is unsafe and the restaurant should be doing more to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. This aside, the garden pizza I ordered was completely undercooked. The crust was doughy, the vegetables were not tender, and the least forgiveable offense-the mozzarella cheese wasn't even melted. My companions were a bit happier with the burger and fries and soup and salad (even tho the salad was clearly a premixed deal with cheese and diced tomatoes thrown on, so minimal effort). The beer menu was okay, there were a few local beers from Tailgate and some national selections. I tried to order a beer to be told it wasn't actually available, tried to order my second choice and that wasn't available either. My third choice was available, probably because it is from a mass produced national brand. We were also surprised when we received two beers apiece and had only ordered one per person. We were happy with the value but this is still information that one should be given beforehand to make their decisions with that in mind. This would be a great place if you are a college age person and want to drink for a value and eat generic bar type food, but for someone looking for unique quality cuisine, then keep searching.

  • Sep 24, 2020 by Kilo Skree

    Does not care about customers health. Even though this business probably has been advised by legal counsel that Nashville was well within its right to limit its amount of customers during a pandemic they have chosen to Sue the city and make all of its customers pay for someone to officially get up there and tell them to read the dam laws. Jonathan's grill if you don't like Nashville and don't want to do what our laws say your free to leave this city and never return. None of us would miss you, your food is trash and your wait staff are pill heads nodding out while they take orders.

  • Sep 22, 2020 by William Abbott

    My favorite place. Very friendly & knowledgeable staff. Plenty of beer to choose from. The food is always great and very consistent. Highly recommend you bringing your friends or family to Jonathan's Grille

  • Sep 22, 2020 by George Thomas

    Good food and cold beer. Jessica did a great job. Will come back.
    I go to Jonathon's regularly always find them to be nice pleasant and professional. Staff wears masks and still gives great service. Hope the covid gets to where they can operate at capacity. It would be a tragedy if Bellevue were to lose a treasure like Jonathon's

  • Sep 22, 2020 by Derek Watkins

    Went to Jonathan's Grille in Bellevue the other night for drinks/food with some friends and had a blast! I was greeted immediately and got my drinks and apps just as quickly. The bartenders were very helpful with popular dishes and suggested awesome shots for us as well! The other customers around made it enjoyable as well and we will definitely be returning for more fun! Thank you Jonathans staff!! 10/10

  • Sep 18, 2020 by Scott Plemons


  • Aug 28, 2020 by Matt Sieverding

    Great food but they do NOT offer curbside service without you begging for it. Be prepared to go into a crowded place and get your food.

  • Aug 21, 2020 by Melody Pyle

    We went here for my husbands birthday and when I told them it was his birthday I expected them to offer us dessert or something but they didn’t. If I had known they wouldn’t do this like most restaurants then we would’ve went somewhere else for this day. Our waitress was not friendly or attentive at all. The only positive was that we got our food quickly and it was pretty decent.

  • Aug 12, 2020 by Roni Criswell

    Visiting our daughter and wanted a good steak. Boy did we find it! Fun atmosphere. Very sweet waitress. Will go back!

  • Aug 12, 2020 by Mr. Sir

    not comfortable with how this location is handling COVID. several employees not wearing mask properly including food runners. also not all tables designated for use are distanced properly.

  • Jul 26, 2020 by Megan Swan

    Sunshine was a great waitress for us tonight. It was our first night here and she made us feel so welcomed! I really felt like it was an above and beyond experience because of her service. We definitely will be coming back!

  • Jul 25, 2020 by Michael Hesche

    Closed why too early and didnt update their Google information. This place has great food but I lost respect for the owner(s) because it complied with a corrupt, liberal politician who only cares about destroying the economy of this booming town. I was going here to eat because you were open during this made up pandemic, which to me appeared like you were rebelling against those trying to keep businesses closed. Shame on you for complying with this John Cooper and his corrupt mob. You need to stay open!! I hope this place replaces its owners ASAP with more pro-American, conservative ones. For the record, masks with no filters do nothing to protect you from viruses.

  • Jul 09, 2020 by Vikki Schaffer

    Great service, excellent meal. We truly appreciate the efforts of a minimal staff to provide such a wonderful dining experience. Thank You!!!

  • Jul 03, 2020 by M M III

    I have been here before and had an excellent time. This time was a surprise, upon entering the bar area no one greeted us. Just a lot staring and enjoying of personal conversations. Only one employee was wearing a mask. You can feel the vibe when people do not want your business. I will not be returning

  • Jun 27, 2020 by Leighton Taylor

    The quality of food here is far above chains. Great beer selection and great service.

  • Jun 23, 2020 by Ashley Ruiz

    This place is SO good. It was one of our first times eating out and it was nice to have some human interaction. Eduardo was such a great server and we’ll definitely be back to see him. I always love it when servers have genuinely positive attitudes and can make people laugh.

  • Jun 11, 2020 by Joni Leago

    It’s a shame. Your food is so good, yet I’ve been told your servers do not wear masks. Not sure if you are aware, but all food service workers, including servers are REQUIRED to wear masks. Guess we won’t be coming back any time soon.

  • Jun 05, 2020 by Brian Ingram

    This is one of the best places to get food and drinks period. I can't express how amazing the service, the food and the drinks are. All of it is up to a high standard and they're very helpful if you're not sure what to get so don't hesitate to ask for recommendations.

  • Feb 12, 2020 by Justin Brannen

    Consistently receive great food and great service. The staff is always friendly and attentive. Food is always great. Recently tried the cauliflower crust due to dietary changes and we were blown away by how fantastic it was. Trivia night is a blast and they always have all the sports you would want to watch!

  • Jan 12, 2020 by Brian Ingram

    Not a bad place to eat. Tried the steak Philly and fries. It was solid quality, but it felt lacking, like it could be improved upon. It was a good meal overall, but it left more to be desired. I'm sure the other items are also great quality, but until I've tried them, I'm not too sure if I'll visit this place more often or not.

  • Jan 12, 2020 by Alice Shehane

    It's difficult to find, but well worth the search! Excellent menu, beyond the typical sports bar items. I'd love to go back soon and try more. The server was really sweet and attentive and the food was yummy. My two friends and I got very different items and loved them all. Highly recommend!

  • Dec 29, 2019 by jeff goldberg

    Good food. Good service. Good price. Comfortable booths for seating. Decent menu selection. Clean. Very crowded during sports events and weekends.
    Take out available.

  • Dec 27, 2019 by Danny Phan

    Wings are really crispy and not even breaded the wing are delicious the spicy sauce is more sweet than spicy. the wing texture is great. how they get such a great crunch without breading is pretty amazing.

  • Dec 25, 2019 by Jason Weakley

    Jonathan's has a great event space for small groups. We meet here every year. They have a great menu selection and the wait staff is always helpful and has fun with us during our Dirty Santa parties.

  • Dec 07, 2019 by Eric Mize

    Worst meal I’ve had in a long time. Don’t understand reviews being so great and food tasting that awful. Margarita Flat bread pizza undercooked and no flavor at all. My bison burger didn’t taste like bison at all and had a weird texture with some gristle. The coke tasted like it had soap in it. I don’t write reviews but this was just the worst.

    I did bring it to the attention of management and she was polite and offered to adjust bill. I didn’t accept her offer in hopes she will try to correct issues in kitchen without taking a loss. I think to many people depend on that restaurant to succeed so hopefully they can fix the problems.

  • Dec 06, 2019 by Maggie LaPlante

    We're visiting Nashville and are participating in a hockey tournament at the Ford center. Jonathan's is very convenient to this location. We had a big group and the staff handled our group well. Beers were cold and food was really delish. I would visit again for sure!

  • Nov 13, 2019 by Judy Storey

    Love the food and the staff is great. Highly recommend this restaurant.

  • Nov 11, 2019 by Bryan Howard

    For me and my family it's overpriced. It will cost you a minimum of $15 per plate for a sports bar atmosphere. I'm not complaining about it, just not a place for taking kids to eat. I have somewhat a restricted diet as well so I didn't have much to choose from, and what I could choose was on the higher end of the menu.

  • Nov 09, 2019 by Danielle Zimmer

    Literally ran all around a this bar for a charger. The whole staff looked and tried to help, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you, Alex, Charmin Carmen and Sunshine!!! @jonathansgrille you’re the BEST! To only realize, one was in the car...they also have USB chargers under the bar so my phone can charge!!! ILOVE YOU

  • Oct 23, 2019 by Dianna Collins

    Fast service and great food. Our waitress was wonderful !!

  • Sep 27, 2019 by Steve Delle

    Simply, the most underrated place in Bellevue! Happy Hour is fantastic every day... and I've yet to order a meal that wasn't hot, fresh, and delicious! I wish the location was more visible from the road, only because, as One Bellevue expands, I don't want Jonathan's to get lost in the mix!!! I'll be back this week, again!

  • Sep 09, 2019 by Pam

    This location has become a favorite for my family and friends. Great atmosphere. Not too loud to enjoy conversation across the table. Food has been very good and consistent - great drink menu, too. Keep it up and Bellevue will continue to support this fab location. Can't wait to be there during Preds' games!

  • Aug 23, 2019 by April Smith

    It was really good! Really friendly service and really good food with really big portions. I could not eat it all.

  • Aug 11, 2019 by Paul Collins

    Just left here after eating a 16 inch pizza.The crust has changed to really thin(healthy crust aka forest initiative).last year when i was here the crust was nice and thick and,got a 16 inch with 4 toppings and a drink.bill was 23$.never again!

  • Aug 09, 2019 by Tonya Gann

    I went for lunch. There's no lunch menu and the prices are a little high. I got a California Club and a glass of tea and it was almost 19 dollars. The food is good but for the price not to sure about that one. It's also pretty dark inside maybe, that's so you can't see the prices...

  • Aug 09, 2019 by Tonya Gann

    I went for lunch. There's no lunch menu and the prices are a little high. I got a California Club and a glass of tea and it was almost 19 dollars. The food is good but for the price not to sure about that one. It's also pretty dark inside maybe, that's so you can't see the prices...

  • Jul 14, 2019 by Niariah F

    Quality tasty food that is reasonably priced drinks were also tasty too. Service was great will definitely be back.

  • Jul 07, 2019 by V Yount

    Service was Excellent! Food was Amazing!!
    Atmosphere was Spot On!! And most of All
    Their weren’t Any Fly’s!!! Very cool and comfortable room temperature!!!

  • Jul 07, 2019 by V Yount

    Service was Excellent! Food was Amazing!!
    Atmosphere was Spot On!! And most of All
    Their weren’t Any Fly’s!!! Very cool and comfortable room temperature!!!

  • Jul 06, 2019 by Jessica Chenoweth

    We enjoyed everything we ordered! Aleah was our server and was very attentive and made excellent recommendations. We’ll definitely be back the next time we’re in Hendersonville.

  • Jun 25, 2019 by G God.

    We had a great time at the restaurant.. Food was hot and quick...

  • Jun 07, 2019 by AddIe O’Brien

    We come here every weekend! Great and amazing service and the food is delicious! We never hesitate when going to johnathans!

  • May 30, 2019 by Dodge

    Service is great and food tastes delicious. 2 for 1 beers brings it home!

  • May 12, 2019 by Cary Crawford

    Great food and atmosphere. Only complaint is it was super loud the night we went. Couldn't carry on a conversation without yelling.

  • Apr 26, 2019 by Elvira Hamulic

    Wonderful service, wonderful food. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CARIBBEAN CHICKEN

  • Apr 25, 2019 by Elvira Hamulic

    Wonderful service, wonderful food. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CARIBBEAN CHICKEN

  • Apr 20, 2019 by Rachael Ruohonen

    Wow! Our first time! Only had to wait 10 mins for a table despite it being Good Friday and full of hungry people. Our food came out very quick and piping hot! The fish and chips, man- phenomenal! 4 HUGE pieces crispy and juicy but not greasy! Probably the best I’ve had in Nashville! Large portion of fries and the best coleslaw and tartar sauce I’ve ever had as well! Perfect meal- fast and kind service! We will be back!!! Rare to get in an out in less than an hour anywhere, let alone everyone enjoying the food and having a great experience! This is what dining is about! Coming from a food service and hospitality background, I was impressed! Thank you!

  • Mar 16, 2019 by Michelori Overton

    The food was good and the atmosphere was nice . Once seated and 25 min later we had to ask a passing server if our order could be taken. The young lady that we stopped took our orders and served us for the rest of the evening. I don't remember her name but she was great. Not sure if we will be returning.

  • Feb 23, 2019 by M. Hayes

    This is a great place to go with family or with friends. So far everything I have ordered has been great. The pizza, you got to try it. it is very comfortable, the service is great. It is a very laid back place. Just go, but don't take my spot, I'm coming back.

  • Dec 24, 2018 by Mike Zimmerman

    Great food! Great 2/1 special! Good hang for sporting events. Only think I don’t like is the marble tables.. too cold, especially in the colder months. Wood would be better. But a great place nonetheless.

  • Aug 29, 2018 by Drew

    Good grub. Okay selection of beer.

  • Mar 19, 2017 by Chris

    Bison Burger with Avocado and sweet-sugary Sweet Potato Fries is awesome

  • May 19, 2016 by Keith

    Everything I have eaten has been wonderful

  • May 11, 2016 by Tim

    Club or avocado sandwich

  • Apr 08, 2016 by John

    Service is STILL lacking

  • Apr 07, 2016 by Frank

    Great sports venue. Most likely, your game is probably on one of the TV's.

  • Oct 09, 2013 by Laura

    Tuesday's buy one pizza & get 2nd free AND 2for1 beers!

  • Sep 01, 2013 by Lara

    It was good to be with friends watching football

  • Aug 26, 2013 by Erich

    For all you carnivores, the Horseshoe is the way to go. 2 for 1 beers and and good selection at that.

  • May 29, 2013 by Tee

    Tuesdays- beer 2 for. 1.. Ordered 1 pizza got a second one for free wow!!

  • Mar 31, 2013 by Sam

    Great place...been coming here since grnd opening..(10+ yrs). Service is great (prolly csuse they see me here so much, but that's y I'm bak). I only eat couple things on the menu but it's great also..

  • Mar 26, 2013 by Pat

    Favorite local hang out. Love all the servers and great atmosphere!

  • Mar 07, 2013 by Alice

    I guess the late night menu starts at 8:30? ...

  • Feb 04, 2013 by Andy

    2 for 1 beers tonight for the big game.

  • Jan 25, 2013 by Kelly

    Just come here if you live in Bellevue.

  • Dec 20, 2012 by Jason

    Pretty lame. Drink specials suck. But nothing else around, Bellevue sucks.

  • May 20, 2012 by Bamalama

    I've worked in restaurants for almost 30 years and I have to say the customer service here, both wait staff and mgmt, is some of the worst

  • May 06, 2012 by Victor

    The service is pitiful.

  • May 01, 2012 by Anna

    Great beer prices, tasty food, and great service! I love karaoke Tuesdays and Saturdays!

  • Mar 16, 2012 by Rick

    Come here every year for march madness and love the place - good food, good beer, good service.

  • Mar 13, 2012 by Victor

    The service is pretty horrible. Good pizza and beer selection.

  • Dec 03, 2011 by Todd

    Just because you work in the service industry doesn't mean you're tipped automatically. Please servers/hostesses, speak to your customers, they may actually tip you.

  • Dec 03, 2011 by Julie

    Customer service could be better.

  • Nov 25, 2011 by Dawn

    Waited 7 minutes and never saw a hostess! So we left

  • Nov 25, 2011 by Dawn

    Waited 7 minutes at the hostess stand! Never sat down so we left