Dalton's Grill

Dalton's Grill

7061 U.S. 70S
Nashville TN 37221

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  • Aug 12, 2022 by Tammy Cummings

    Good food for a good price. Very friendly and helpful wait staff

  • Jul 28, 2022 by Erik Harris

    Overall, solid food and very fair prices. This restaurant is definitely a reflection of older Nashville versus new Nashville where you can sit at the bar or sit at a table or a high top and order simple appetizers to meat and three dinners. There is nothing fancy about this place, but it does feel welcoming and totally unpretentious. The wait staff were fantastic, and the service was quick.

  • Jul 01, 2022 by James Atkins

    I just left the restaurant and sat there for a while only getting served a drink I figured they were busy so I waited but when the other guy walked in they took his order instantly I don’t want to say it was a race thing because I’m not that type but I mean I was the only customer in the restaurant before he came in they usually have pretty good food I go here often it’s really the only restaurant I eat at in belvue it’s usually a guy that serves me and I never had a problem I try to tip what I can sometimes it’s smaller sometimes bigger this is my first time ever leaving a bad review for any establishment as of now I’m eating a few doors down at Cancun and my order was taken as soon as I got to my seat with a restaurant full of people and because of this experience I will NEvER go back to this restaurant EVER because I loved it there and these women didn’t even look my way after giving me my drink and hopefully this review changes the experience of future customers like me I swear I’m thinking about going back and tell them about their selves because they were wrong on every level

  • Jun 28, 2022 by Andrew Dozier

    Service is very slow....waited 25 mins just to get something to drink then another 40 mins before got food...the have barely any wait staff....better to order and pick up yourself.

  • Jun 20, 2022 by R Powers

    Food is on point! Amazing best in town!

  • Jun 11, 2022 by B

    LOVED the fried pork chops!!!!!

  • Jun 04, 2022 by sean klimek

    Great old time bar with great value. Hold your nose when using the restroom.

  • May 21, 2022 by Will McPherson

    I really like this little hidden gem meat and 3 in Bellevue. My buddy got the club and it looked very good. Stacked with meat! I got the French dip which was delicious. Waitresses are always very nice and on top of their orders! Keep it up Daltons!

  • Apr 18, 2022 by Chuck Taylor

    This place never disappoints. Always a great choice.

  • Jan 11, 2022 by Lisa Rouwenhorst

    Staff is very friendly. Good food with many options. Daily meat & 3 menu. They have a full bar.

  • Jan 10, 2022 by Gerald Hughes

    Service was good, food tasted great, portions kinda small for the money. But what's new these days?

  • Dec 17, 2021 by Donald McArthur

    Good home cooking, different entree each day for plate lunches!! Many many choices for building your meal the way you want it!

  • Dec 04, 2021 by Jeff Russell

    The grilled grouper & vegetables were awesome. The peach & BlackBerry cobbler delicious!

  • Nov 02, 2021 by William Piper

    Very good home cooking they also have a bar and TVs the food whatever you need

  • Oct 09, 2021 by Russ Smith

    We kind of forgot about how awesome this place is. I had the roast beef meat and 3 today and the roast beef with gravy, turnip greens, green beans, stewed tomatoes, apples, more stewed tomatoes, and the macaroni and cheese. I mean I couldn’t get enough. Portions, staff friendliness, atmosphere, kid-friendliness. Very satisfying, my wife had chicken tenders (dear God these were great). When a place is really great we eat off each others plates. Even the prices. Dalton’s Grill IS really great!

  • Sep 23, 2021 by Conni Heard

    Dalton's has great meat and veggies! Fried green tomatoes are awesome. Service is great. Atmosphere is local and friendly. We eat there often . They even cooked our whole Thanksgiving dinner one year when I wasn't able to cook. We picked it up and ate it at our house. It was delicious.

  • Sep 04, 2021 by brad jackson

    Average, the catfish was so so, fried okra would have been better if it was corn meal battered. The salad was the best

  • Aug 28, 2021 by Michelle German

    This place has really good food. My boyfriend ordered the steak and biscuits dinner which he thought was really good. My son ordered the grilled cheese and onion rings which he thought was good and I ordered the club sandwich with chips which was soo good. I switched sides with my son and let me tell you, the onion rings are phenomenal!!

  • Aug 24, 2021 by Steven Dukic

    Food was delicious and service was excellent. Our meal came out very fast and we were very pleased. Would definitely go again!

  • Aug 23, 2021 by michael garber

    It was great I need.here 8 weeks from east TN Greeneville TN and best meal I had since I been here great meat loaf .

  • Jul 31, 2021 by Carolyn Bales

    Good food. Great service. Restaurant crowded with seniors enjoying themselves.

  • Jul 11, 2021 by rick cosiill

    We were once very happy regulars at Dalton's for years - that is, until the bathrooms gradually became really unbearable. Our server confessed we were not the first to complain and stated that the owner appeared indifferent. For us bathrooms are a major reflection on the overall sanitation of a food place. We have not returned, we do plan to check them out again sometime. 1st thing we will inspect is the restrooms. (Which also are adjacent to the kitchen.) Last time we were there anyone could smell the dirty toilets and floors before opening the door. Ugh. Perhaps it is now nice and pristine - as any decent restaurant should be. If it's still stinks of overflows - we're are still not customers. (Oh, and the senior discount mentioned is only on a few, smaller meal selections.} Dalton's has nice people and has a good menu, but, for us, unsanitary restaurant bathrooms are a tell and a game changer. Clean it up.

  • Jun 22, 2021 by Javi Reyes

    Delicious food and great service. I had a great experience here!

  • Jun 03, 2021 by Jim O'Dowd

    Good food and service today, but they have a policy on police meals that has me scratching my head. Police can eat there for half-price, which is a good thing. But if a customer wants to pick up that same bill, they have to pay regular prices. When asked why, the explanation was "We've always done it that way!". Their business, their prerogative...but it just doesn't make sense to me. Why should I have to pay a premium to the house for trying to extend a little gratitude to our police officers?

  • May 22, 2021 by Gordon Simpson

    Great service! One of the few places I found that serves grouper.

  • May 18, 2021 by John Lynch

    Service and the kitchen was slow. One server, she did her best no fault to her.
    The food was sub par, not what we've had in the past.

  • Apr 22, 2021 by Sharron Webb

    As always food was excellent. Service was great

  • Apr 08, 2021 by Cindy Romani

    Great mom & pop place to eat. The servers were patient with me as I had to take a call when I first got there. The chicken tenders were amazing! Some of the best I've ever had.

  • Mar 03, 2021 by kwmelody Melody

    The BEST down home southern cookin ever,! Their Fresh fried grouper grouper is as good as it ever was growing up in Key West! K K and Jennifer are delightful servers that will have you smiling immediately! And then, You're Forever Family! Hometown Love!

  • Feb 03, 2021 by Tawana Redferin

    First time I have eat breakfast here. Service was good.

  • Jan 19, 2021 by Gabriel Gregoire

    I was made to feel comfortable and cared for.

  • Jan 05, 2021 by Lisa Griffin

    Best meat and 3 I've ever had! Food was so delicious and the waitress attentive to our needs!

  • Dec 30, 2020 by Lilly Theodoroff

    I pray they get through the pandemic. I visit at least once a week. Food is great, and priced well.

  • Oct 24, 2020 by Connie Brown

    Long wait to order and to receive food. Sausage biscuits were very small, fries were greasy and BLT bread was slightly burned, bacon was more than crisp. Need a better tea recipe.

  • Sep 08, 2020 by Ian Frey

    Good food, great service

  • Sep 07, 2020 by Betty Rye

    The food was wonderful. We are always treated like family. On fridays the catfish is the best i have eaten.

  • Aug 30, 2020 by Kathy Wooten

    Wonderful home cooked meals. The waitresses are always very nice.

  • Aug 29, 2020 by David Abbott

    Food was delicious. Service was excellent.

  • Aug 03, 2020 by Pat Dooley

    Excellent fried chicken. Other foods are good as well. Eat there 1-2 times a week

  • May 20, 2020 by Kristy Heady

    Good meat and 3 restaurant. Sadly I thought I had found my meat and 3 and I love this place. I'm here maybe 2 to 3 times a week if not more , they have now changed there to go plates .i kid you not to an ounce foam containers for the sides .So I spend 10 on a plate where I pay for an ounce of potatoes .I just can't it is such a rip off .makes me so angry .so upsetting. So I bid Them farewell .I will take my business elsewhere.I sure will miss you ladies !!

  • Apr 30, 2020 by betty butler

    We love this restaurant instead of cooking at home..It is not fancy but friendly with good food..There is a large meat and three menus rand also individual items..It has a complete bar but really is family oriented.

  • Mar 21, 2020 by Paul Grebel

    Great place to relax and enjoy a great meal. Awesome staff!

  • Feb 10, 2020 by Chris Dugan

    Quality food with good prices. Think old school meat and three with a bar. Older crowd and laid back atmosphere.

  • Nov 03, 2019 by Diane Roth

    Great food at great price

  • Nov 01, 2019 by Tim Lightfoot

    Very good food and nice staff

  • Oct 06, 2019 by Wendy Mcwilliams

    Great place great food

  • Sep 22, 2019 by MikeAllenNashville

    First time visit for a Couple lunch on a weekday. Ordered from the "meat & two" menu. My order of hamburger steak/green beans/ corn was very disappointing. Steak was as if you had taken it off a hamburger bun & onto the plate. It was thin, dry & tasteless. The beans were so salty & bitter, I could not eat them. & the corn was creamy/soupy & not edible also. My wifes order was for a "county fried steak & gravy" what she got was a Salisbury steak in brown gravy....when we asked about it, she was told that their country fried steak during the day was hamburger with brown gravy but in the evening they switch to breaded steak with white gravy....REALLY...there are two different country fried steaks...an am & a pm?.

  • Sep 08, 2019 by John S.

    Our meat "n" three go to when we have a hankerin'.  Consistent and value priced. Very casual and relaxed environment and I appreciate having the TVs to view while I'm there. We have had Kevin as our waiter a few times and he really is the nicest guy. Very attentive, eager to please and never intrusive. His beard rates a solid 4.5.

  • Aug 31, 2019 by Kevin Cronin

    Fast friendly service. Went out of their way to cook the chicken just right, per doctors order.

  • Aug 23, 2019 by Tracy Slinker

    The food is great the prices are great and the staff is also great

  • Aug 08, 2019 by Karen S

    The food here was outstanding. Started you off with rolls, cornbread, pancakes/fritters. This was good ole down home southern cooking. The service was great. The menu has something for everybody. Even your picky eaters should be able to find something. Can't wait to go back when we are in the area.

  • Jul 03, 2019 by Janice Sensing

    Meat and three. Have not had a bad meal here. Good service, reasonable prices, ample parking, senior discount! Home cooking.

  • Jul 03, 2019 by Janice Sensing

    Meat and three. Have not had a bad meal here. Good service, reasonable prices, ample parking, senior discount! Home cooking.

  • May 24, 2019 by Gloria Cox

    Daltons is our neighborhood sports meat and three. We can always count on great food and friendly faces. Today was no exception! The chicken tenders on the list of Specials were great. We topped them off with peach cobbler and ice cream... Yummy folks!

  • May 24, 2019 by Gloria Cox

    Daltons is our neighborhood sports meat and three. We can always count on great food and friendly faces. Today was no exception! The chicken tenders on the list of Specials were great. We topped them off with peach cobbler and ice cream... Yummy folks!

  • May 17, 2019 by Colleen Garmon

    We are here every Sunday and sometimes more. Cindy is great, the young staff is energetic and hard working. Food is like good old home cooking for a fair price. Great neighborhood place.

  • May 03, 2019 by CJG76

    We stopped in for lunch. Food was hot and good. Not a bad price for what we got. Thought it was closed at first since the open sign was off. Glad we checked the door.

  • Apr 29, 2019 by Kat M.

    Super friendly atmosphere. Hot delicious food. Seat yourself. Plenty of room between tables. I had a wonderful first visit. Will return!

  • Apr 13, 2019 by BluebirdLover

    My daughter and I went in for lunch during our shopping. We were seated immediately and our waitress greeted us with a big smile. Our wait was short and we both ordered fried mushrooms for an appetizer. They did not stint on the amount and they were delicious. We ordered from the Brunch menu: Spinach Frittata with breakfast potatoes, Texas Toast and a small container of fresh fruit. From the first bite of the Frittata, I was sold on the taste. It was excellently cooked and delicious. In the meantime, a to-go box was brought for the remaining mushrooms. Our drinks were refilled without having to ask for them. Our ticket was brought promptly and we look forward to returning. It was one of the smoothest restaurant experiences I have had in years.

  • Mar 25, 2019 by Hunter Gibson

    Really liked the food. Was out there for a job and heard about it from a friend. Reasonably priced and GOOD food. They got it all. Southern Cooking and more. Came there a second time the next day.

  • Mar 25, 2019 by Hunter Gibson

    Really liked the food. Was out there for a job and heard about it from a friend. Reasonably priced and GOOD food. They got it all. Southern Cooking and more. Came there a second time the next day.

  • Mar 07, 2019 by P.J. Moore

    The food is always good. A nice neighborhood meat and 3 with great folks and really reasonable prices. One of my favorites.

  • Mar 07, 2019 by P.J. Moore

    The food is always good. A nice neighborhood meat and 3 with great folks and really reasonable prices. One of my favorites.

  • Feb 25, 2019 by Nell H.

    We both ordered iced tea. I promise you it tasted like fish! I tasted the weird taste & then hubby commented it tasted like fish. So we exhanged beverages. I ordered grilled white fish, which was so salty I couldn't eat it. I ordered brussel sprouts which were so mushy & awful tasting. The squash with onions was medicocre & the creamed corn was the best thing & almost only thing I ate. Hubby had fried fish which he barely ate, saying it was too greasy. His only sides that he could eat was potato salad & cole slaw. When we paid & asked if everything was okay, we relayed this to cashier. She wanted to know why we didn't tell server so they could exchange it. We just wanted to pay & leave. We didn't tell server because we'd already ordered our first choice. I will say if you like overcooked veggies & greasy fried food, this may be a good option.

  • Feb 12, 2019 by John Anderson

    Warm comfortable setting. Friendly staff. Large menu of soul comfortable food. Coke products and full bar. Family friendly.

  • Feb 02, 2019 by Harry Allen

    Stopped by for all you can eat catfish. Everything was fine except the catfish. Way too much better and not enough fish. Seasoning on the fish was unremarkable. Won't do that again.

  • Jan 21, 2019 by T S.

    Surprisingly nice diner experience. I came in late, cold, wet, hungry, almost nothing else was open. Was greeted by a really friendly server. I had steak and biscuits with fries. Steak was tender, juicy and cooked perfectly. Biscuits were small but perfectly squishy and salty. The au jus served was really good. To top it off I had yams for dessert and they were tasty as well, if a little bland. Not a drinker but looks like they also have lots of beer choices. The tavern/bar area is clean and well tended. All in all frankly I came in just wanting a quick filling meal and found a place I'll return to.

  • Jan 01, 2019 by Daniel H.

    Love this local place! Come here and get treated wonderfully every time! The food is really good!

  • Dec 30, 2018 by Ciera R.

    This is has THE BEST rolls... they are nice gooey and warm every time. Plus the hospitality is so welcoming, definitely would recommend

  • Oct 04, 2018 by Debra B.

    I would like to tell you that I've tried their entire menu,  but I can't.  I cannot make it past their chopped steak!  It is so good.  I don't know what the seasoning is,  but it is the best I have ever had.  I always order it with onions and mushrooms.  Their vegetables are country style.  Not seasoned as highly as my grandmother would,  but palatable none the less.  Service has always been good, but I usually eat at non-peak times - so I can not speak for busy periods.  The servers have always been friendly.  I eat here at least every other week.  A down home place with good home style food.

  • Sep 25, 2018 by J D.

    This is a go to place for locals for good food at a fair price.portions are very satisfying,i have eaten there probably over a 100 times .some of there menu items stand out : hamburger - probably the best in bellevue.steak great flavor ,ham or steak w/biscuits, wings very good,salads fresh and plentiful,meat and 3 dishes taste homemade,spaghetti w/ salad,Reuben,philly,fish sandwiches.service is usually very good(debbie is the heart and soul of this place)i believe their cooks are long term employees which shows in their consistent quality. i recommend this this place over all above just about any place in bellevue for good food at a fair price which is getting harder to find .

  • Sep 15, 2018 by MichaelW8...

    Auch wenn wir 30 Minuten warten mussten da wir nicht reserviert hatten wurden wir nicht enttäuscht. Das Essen war sehr lecker, große Portionen, super Service und dennoch nicht überteuert. Wir kommen bestimmt wieder!

  • Jul 17, 2018 by Lance M.

    Best meat and three lunch in Bellevue. Try the chopped steak! They have great daily specials and happy hour. Friendly service and a full bar, located right next to Kroger.

  • Jul 02, 2018 by Cindy W.

    15 minutes - no menus, no drinks, no acknowledgment. Has great potential but worst management. We keep thinking the "next time" will be better and it keeps getting worse. Sad since the food is good.

  • Jun 29, 2018 by sandra b.

    This place has good food and it is cheap. $8 for a meal includes drink.  I have eaten here several times.

  • May 27, 2018 by Terry Oldham

    Great catfish. Enjoy the Grouper very much. Really good service.

  • Apr 07, 2018 by Hannah C.

    Hard to leave much of a review when no one waited on us for the 17 minutes we sat there. Service that terrible probably gives credence to their lack of business. Which is ironic considering.

  • Feb 25, 2018 by Milton H.

    After living in Bellevue for a few years we finally tried this place - mostly because we were craving some Fried Green Tomatoes.   This place filled that craving.  They have the best tasting fried green tomatoes this side of Loveless.  They have some good Southern Comfort food.  I had the fried chicken and two sides.  The sides were great but chicken was not.  I needed some ranch sauce to help the taste.  The meat was what kept this from being a higher rating.  Service was good and servers were very attentive without overdoing it.  We will be back and maybe choose a different meat.

  • Oct 30, 2017 by David H.

    Don't know if this is allowed, but here goes.  Guess I'll see what happens.... For the past 13 years, my wife & I have been eating at Dalton's Grill in Bellevue nearly every Friday night.  This morning we stopped by to try out their breakfast and discovered that Dalton's had become a "Gun Free Zone."  I opened the door, did not cross the threshold, and waved at the owner.  She motioned for me to come inside but I told her that I wasn't allowed.  I closed the door and waited to see what she would do.   She quickly joined me outside and asked what was wrong.  I politely explained to her that after 13 years of loyal patronage, my wife & I were now banned from her establishment and pointed to the sign.  You could see her expression change immediately as she began making excuses, the main one being that there was a problem at one of their other businesses so they had to take a decision and become "gun free."  My response was to ask why she wanted to punish me for something someone else had done.  There was no answer. So, I responded as many of you might think.  I told her that I understood it was her property and her decision.  However, her decision had now cost her our business.  And to show that there were no hard feelings, I would help her notify as many other people as I could about the new policy by posting a photo of her new sign on as many firearms forums as I could.  She responded by saying "you can post it anywhere you like."  And with that, my wife & I ate our breakfast at the Bellevue Diner located a block or two away. So, with the permission of the owner of Dalton's Grill located in the Kroger shopping plaza in Bellevue, here's a photo of their new sign and their new policy.

  • Sep 26, 2017 by Kelly C.

    This is a nice local, southern eatery. They have a very limited draft selection, and not a craft beer in sight. The menu had lots of southern comfort food options. The food was decent, and very reasonably priced. Two of us ate for $25, including a beer!

  • Sep 19, 2017 by Larry R.

    Stopped in for lunch looking for a cheeseburger - Easily the worst and slowest service I've had in many years. Wont't be back.

  • Aug 28, 2017 by Susie

    Fish is good

  • Aug 28, 2017 by MerMer93

    My husband and I were in Nashville on business, and wanted to try a place we hadn't eaten at before. We just happened to see a sign in a little shopping center for Dalton's, and thought we'd stop in. I was a little hesitant, because I couldn't really see inside until we actually went in. It was not a large place, and it was pretty crowded. I've always heard that you can tell a good place to eat by the size of the crowd. I'm so glad we stayed, because the food was really good. I ordered meatloaf, green beans, and real mashed potatoes. My husband had coconut grouper, greens, and cole slaw. Everything was delicious! They were a little short handed, but our waitress was extremely nice and friendly. Her name was Liz, and I hope she is there next time we go back. She was just precious, and I just can't say enough nice things about her. She took very good care of us and talked to us about the area. She even gave us to go drinks, and I hadn't even ordered one. One of the other waitresses was named Wendy, and she was very friendly and nice to us as well. We will definitely go back again when we are in the area.

  • Jul 10, 2017 by fred t

    Dalton's is our favorite go to local restaurant. We have nevew had a bad meal there. Whether you order off the menu or from their daily meat and three menu,everything is freshly prepared and very good. The service may be a little spotty at times,but the servers are very friendly and helpful.. All in all an outstanding local dining spot.

  • Jun 12, 2017 by Gran MeMyselfi

    Great service, atmosphere, prices and food!

  • May 23, 2017 by John S

    I have been a total of 10 times and the food is always delicious, the prices are there, but the service is not the best. We never minded the poor service, but on the 10th visit was absolutely the worst. Our server had to be stoned, because he had no clue what he was doing. What should have taken 45 minutes to order, eat, and pay ended up taking an hour and a half. If you have 2 hours to kill and don't mind the terrible service. This place is for you!

  • May 09, 2017 by Shannon G.

    I don't really know what happened to this place. It used to be decent. Now, the food quality and service is just bad. Got the steak biscuits. Steak was hard and the biscuits were so tiny. I've tried many of their other dishes. The squash casserole is always really mushy and overcooked. Last time we went was during lunch rush. A giant group of people came in as we were eating, the waitress tried to hurry us up so they could have our chairs. It was just plain rude.

  • Apr 30, 2017 by Susie

    Everything is so good!

  • Apr 04, 2017 by gwens532

    This used to be a favorite place for meat and three. Lately we are ignored until we beg for service. Today the turnip greens were burnt. The meat - fried chicken, pork chops, etc. - are always good. But the sides are sometimes inedible. I won't go there again.

  • Feb 10, 2017 by David G

    Have eaten here previously, with good friend who is a frequent diner; he was not with us this time. Food was average at best, decent nachos, rest of meal for 4 was at best average! Service was poor, had server (young lady) who thought it was cute to be "smart mouth"; she came across as an air head(by all 4 of us, 2 in early 40s, 2 senior citizens); bar tender was more interested in his phone than service!! Not likely to return even with our frequent diner friend!!

  • Feb 09, 2017 by Donna J

    I have never had a bad meal from this place. Cooking reminds me of momma's! :-D. The portions are very generous, you won't go away hungry. Gotta try the fried green tomatoes. Best I've had around...and I've had my share and then some. ;-) Country cooking at it's best!

  • Jan 31, 2017 by Jesse Q.

    If your looking for quality food at a real price this is the place The staff go out their way to make you feel welcome the food is really great and I always look forward to eating out here if theirs one thing missing it would have to be a bigger stomach all their food is always plentiful and delightful

  • Jan 15, 2017 by Darren G.

    Looking for a good place to eat with the kids, and it worked great.  Wife had spaghetti with meat sauce...huge portion and it was pretty good.  I had the catfish special and it was definitely a good deal.  Kids meals had good options as well.  Will be back

  • Nov 12, 2016 by Konstandino R

    It's great if you like being ignored. Went in to eat and drink on election night. Sat at the bar for ten minutes, we were never greeted. I know they saw us too! I will never go back or recommend this place to anyone. I am a really good tipper because I have been in the business for a long time. Apparently they don't need my money. Don't waste your time or money!! I shared my experience with the people I work with and the way they operate is not out of the ordinary. Hopefully the owners see this and take some action. Even so too little to late

  • Oct 12, 2016 by A M.

    One of my favorite places to eat in Nashville! The staff is awesome and the is food fantastic. My favorites are their chicken fingers and their steak and biscuits. I've been dining there over 15 years and never get tired of it.

  • Oct 03, 2016 by Caroline P.

    Dalton's Grill, has always been a Bellevue staple and is a favorite of mine since childhood. The staff is amazing, always smiling and are always so welcoming and friendly. My favorites at Dalton's are the fried green tomatoes, country fried steak, mashed potatoes and the broccoli cheese casserole. The decor could use a little updating and more lighting.

  • Sep 29, 2016 by atty81

    We've visited Dalton's many times and always had great food and service. There's so much on the menu there are usually several different pages of menu on the table, with specials and such. Since our last visit we've added a baby to the family and we're now noticing who has changing tables in the restrooms for moms and dads. They have the best changing set-up so far, with an actual changing table instead of a fold-down in the ladies room. It's such a pleasure to see a business accommodate families. We are now choosing where we go based upon lack of facilities, so this is a big plus for our family.

  • Sep 24, 2016 by Elena V.

    First of all don't eat later in the night. Waiter had no personality what so ever. My family order steak and biscuits, chicken and biscuits, fish tacos, and baked potato. Chicken was overcooked. Baked Potato was brown and overcooked. The fish tacos were disgusting . When we got in there the restrooms smell like sewer. Just take my advice and don't go between 8 and the time it closes. I think the food was sitting there all day.

  • Sep 03, 2016 by Mona B.

    Been here for dinner. Burgers are good. Friends often get meat and three dinners. Good chicken salad. Luch was great--lots of food

  • Aug 01, 2016 by kscarlett0819

    Great meat and vegetable selections, specials are good and the service is outstanding. Small dining area but hardly ever a wait for a table.

  • Jun 06, 2016 by Jim Hicks

    Never a bad meal. Lunch meat and 3 stellar. Wonderful staff with owners in the restaurant business for 40 years.

  • May 03, 2016 by Patti S.

    This is the best meat and three in the area. The food is down home great food. The service is great, and their specials are always good. They have a seniors price which is even more reasonable than the regular prices.

  • Apr 29, 2016 by Sarah M.

    I came here with a friend last night after a long day to grab a couple drinks. After checking, rechecking, and getting another employee to verify our IDs, we weren't given any kind of drink menu even after specifically requesting one. We finally just order a couple LITs and as the bartender is making our drinks in front of another set of customers, we hear her saying "they're just babies, you know.." Which would have been annoying by itself, but after having 2 long islands each and not even getting so much as a buzz, we realized she skipped on the alcohol because apparently, even though we are of legal drinking age and paid for our drinks, the bartender believes she has the right to dictate how much liquor we should be given. Seriously??? Then she gave basically admitted it by asking how we felt after our 2 drinks and when we implied we weren't in the least bit buzzed, she looked absolutely terrified that we were going to press the issue and immediately offered to take $1 off of each drink. You wouldn't  do that unless you know you messed up and we afraid of being confronted. So my friend and I each paid $10 for to sit and drink mixers and be treated like absolute children. Never going back.

  • Apr 25, 2016 by lmewalt

    We came here for the all you can eat catfish on a Friday evening. We got there pretty early, around 5-ish. I don't eat much fish and wasn't very hungry so i just got a baked-potato. The server was sweet, soft spoken and very prompt. She did a great job. Unfortunately the food was not so great. My husband loves catfish and orders it wherever we go...unfortunately Dalton's was rubbery and lacked flavor. The sweet vinegar slaw was excellent, however, and so were the little corn cakes they brought.

  • Apr 14, 2016 by Lauren B.

    I get chills when I think about the food at Dalton's. First let me say that our server was very nice and attentive. It was later in the evening when we went but I don't think that affected the quality, it already had its issues. There's no way around this, the food comes out of a can. The nachos are inedible, it had about 6 inches of canned cheese piled on it and something resembling chili. The flavor was not anything that I have ever tasted before. My husband had the shrimp and rice and it was flavorless and tasted previously frozen. My family got the steak biscuits which they seemed to enjoy. The employees are just making the best out of terrible quality ingredients so I wasn't going to complain to them. This was the worst meal I have ever spent money on.

  • Apr 01, 2016 by Logan K.

    Great food and fast, friendly service! Locally owned and strongly supported by the community it serves.

  • Mar 30, 2016 by Sarah G.

    If you're craving home style cooking, this is your place! I love that it's locally owned. And when you go in there to eat, you can tell that many locals frequent this place! Perfect place to go if you're craving a meat and three!

  • Feb 15, 2016 by David M.

    Identity crisis... Is this a bar, or retiree meat and three? Whichever it is, it isn't of good quality. We try to eat here occasionally as it's nice to eat "home style" but most everything taste like it was canned or frozen. How hard can it be to make fresh mashed potatoes and Mac n cheese! Really would like to see this place on restaurant makeover as it wouldn't take much to greatly improve. Daltons, please consider some positive changes... We need your restaurant.

  • Feb 15, 2016 by Jimmy R.

    Great service.  Rolls and johnny cakes are excellent.  My burger was a bit over cooked (I ordered it medium, came med well) but was quite tasty.  Fries were limp and needed more salt. My wife's chicken tenders were excellent.  Hand breaded, and you could tell they were soaked in buttermilk and hand-cut.  Her fried green tomatoes were great as well.  Mac and cheese was pretty good.

  • Feb 14, 2016 by Robert M.

    Terrible service had to wait for the check for a very long time. The food was awful no flavor no seasoning had to beg other servers to give the check. the manager was disengaged server didn't want to help the problem it was a bad experience never will go again

  • Jan 28, 2016 by Angie K.

    This is the best place. Have been going here for years. Love their food and the staff too. Decent prices.

  • Jan 25, 2016 by Kimberly W.

    Love eating here! Down home cooking. Most of the time the food is served hot and fast! I would recommend eating here!

  • Jan 13, 2016 by Rachel D.

    Don't you DARE judge this place because it appears to be a dark bar in a strip mall full of mostly patrons of a certain age. The food was solid. The service was efficient and friendly. The price tag was perfect. Steak biscuits, house salad, two kinds of potatoes, roast beef, and the best, most unpretentious fried green tomatoes I've had in quite some time. I don't thiiink the dressings and sauces are particularly homemade, but that is fine for this place. It works.

  • Dec 30, 2015 by A. S.

    Just a warm, friendly place with great food, drinks and TV's to watch sporting events. We moved here in June and this was the first restaurant we visited. We go back every few weeks. The prices are just right as well. If you are reading this and looking for a great local place to eat or if you visiting from out of town, stop reading and head over.

  • Nov 04, 2015 by Jenny Q.

    Was excited to find this place tucked in a corner around from Kroger. Big portions, good prices, and good food - my only problem was trying to decide what to order. The have a weekly specials and also have a regular menu. They get very busy at lunchtime.

  • Oct 02, 2015 by Joanne B.

    Great place to eat in Bellevue. They serve nice home cooked types of meals. Meat and 3 type menu in the day and more entree type meals at night. The steak and biscuits are definitely a must try and they have hand breaded never frozen fried catfish on Friday nights. Menu is huge, lots of choices so everyone is sure to find something they like. Servers are always right on things!!

  • Oct 02, 2015 by Becky B

    Good variety daily. We eat there 2 or 3 times a week for lunch. Seniors (age 60+) get a discount every day. I can't cook the variety of foods they do without it costing me a fortune! It's more economical and practical to eat there once a day. Much cheaper than Cracker Barrel and most of the fast food places. Better for you too. Note: It has a bar just in case you don't want the kiddos exposed. Although during the day it's a non issue. Don't know about night hours.

  • Sep 30, 2015 by Morph D.

    Heyyy, good work yelpers! Looked this place up here on yelp while I was shopping at the Kroger next door and headed on over after shopping.  The reviews are mostly spot on, the food was better than good and the service was great.  I would describe this place using a term everyone in Tennessee uses, the food was as down-home and tasty as any "meat-n-3" in Nashville with an odd twist, there was a laid-back sports-bar kinda groove going on! Who knew you could get great southern food at a sports-bar!!!!

  • Aug 27, 2015 by Gregory B.

    I will preface this review with the statement: It really depends on what you are looking for, as it was not my cup of tea, but might be yours. I will focus on the pluses and minuses so you can make an informed decision. This was a family night out, and I have 4 children. Finding a table for all of us was a bit difficult, as it seems all of the tables are designed to fit four. After that, our server kept missing on nearly all cylinders which made it a drawn out experience with us reminding him many times of things that are missing. I am sure this is not always the case, but everything was moving in slow motion, on a night when slow motion was not my vibe. Dalton's is a bit weird in its layout, at least for a restaurant. Unlike Publicity, a few doors down, which is wider and shorter, Dalton's is very elongated. The trip to the bathroom, which is all the way in the back, feels like you are walking into the kitchen larder. There is a nice sized bar in the center of the establishment, which seemed to be a drawing place for some people I gathered as regulars (they knew the staff). It looks like they have some form of happy hour, as well, and I would guess at least one of the guests had been there since happy hour, as he was a few sheets to the wind. I don't take that out on the restaurant, just stating happy hour might be interesting to check out. The food is meat and three (or rather meat and two in most cases). Many of the items taste like they are poured out of cans without much additional prep. There are many other meat & three restaurants in the greater Nashville area, most of which are better, IMO. On the positive side, Dalton's is one of the more economical choices in Bellevue (other than Mexican or fast food) and has an extensive menu, a decent number of sides and a rotating specials menu. Talking to someone I knew who was leaving as we walked in, it is quite popular with the senior crowd. And, as it is one of a few restaurants in the immediate area that has the meat and three style. The only other homestyle American restaurant within a few miles at least, is Three Stones Pub, but their menu is not as extensive, either in menu or number of sides. Particulars: One of my daughter ordered the ribeye. It was okay, rather thin cut, and tasted a bit like it was marinated in beef broth to give it more flavor. But I guess steak is not the prime thing for a meat and three. I also tasted her cream corn, which was extremely bland. I had the Chicken Fried Steak. Standard frozen deep fried patty. The gravy was okay, which is a positive note. Green beans had a heavy canned taste. Wife said the Salmon was okay, but also commented on the green beans. The baked potato was a positive, although I am not a big fan of butter like spread in a small plastic cup, so I stole the real butter from the bread dish. Bread and corn cakes were probably the highlight of the meal, but we had to ask a few times to finally get them. I will talk to the seniors at church and see if there is any consensus on a favorite meal. If so, I may try back to see if we just ordered the "wrong" items. If not, there are better places I can spend my money.

  • Aug 26, 2015 by William H.

    Some of the best home style cooking in the area. I eat there sometimes 3 day's a week. I get take out but the restaurant has very nice atmosphere.

  • Aug 13, 2015 by BSWTRAVELS10

    We were there for lunch. Ordered a beef taco salad. My friends both ordered the meat loaf special. My beef taco salad was at best-bad. The meat was old, it was sitting on a bed of lettuce that was floating on a bed of hot queso in a flour tortilla. Guess what? The lettuce was wilted and must have contaminated the beef. Guess who was sick that evening. My guest admitted to me the next day that their Meat Loaf was bad as well. They said the meat loaf was oddly sweet and syrupy. Hmmm, lets see-artificial brown sugar and something? Service was pretty bad. We had to clean our own table when we sat down. What else to say?

  • Jul 27, 2015 by Lindsey O.

    My first job was here when I moved to the area. I absolutely loved it, Cindy is great! I really was blown away by the quality of the food. Honestly, I never found anything on the menu I don't like! I must say, it's one of Nashville's best little gems!!

  • Jul 13, 2015 by kdp43

    The food was good, and the atmosphere was nostalgic. Large portions. We were comped the pizza that was ordered since it was missing one of the ingredients and had to go back to the kitchen.

  • Jun 14, 2015 by Deneane B.

    Always great service, atmosphere is good plenty of TV's to watch the game on but not loud! Full menu lots of southern favorites plus daily specials... Full bar as well! Have never had a bad meal here!!

  • Jun 01, 2015 by Alex W.

    Well you could tell the server was new but he tried. Food was decent but the pork chops where not "out of this world"...and the zucchini and squash were over cook but the fried pickles were good not to greasy and lightly breaded

  • Jun 01, 2015 by wit1nes

    Server was a novice. Which happens but got anoying by the end of the meal. Porkchops not greatest as claimed. Dry over cooked. Vegetables soggy. Fried pickles on the other hand where some of the best.

  • May 17, 2015 by Ellen F.

    This is a great, affordable, and family friendly restaurant in the heart of Bellevue! They have a meat and three daily with fresh food that is sure to please! They have different specials throughout the week, including drink specials, wing specials, etc. Give it a try!

  • Apr 14, 2015 by ebtiger24

    The food here is always great. The service is has always been good. This is a an excellent local pub and resturaunt. The food is well prepared and priced accordingly.

  • Apr 08, 2015 by Stephen

    Good basic menu

  • Mar 18, 2015 by Lee K.

    What a great bar! We were new to Bellevue and this place is the best. Great prices and always good service. Lots of TVs and a good crowd. Beer is cheap - that's a winner. But all that aside - this unassuming bar attached to a Kroger center and a liquor store has some of the best food in the area. I got steak and biscuits and it is making my mouth water just writing the review update. Go here - don't get suckered into going to publicity.

  • Feb 08, 2015 by Joseantonio M.

    Ordered all you can eat catfish 30 minutes later still no catfish. Asked about my order with no clear answer given. I paid for my drinks and left. I figured since  I didn't get my plate within 30 minutes I doubt they be any all you can eat catfish at the rate of speed.  Second time there and last time.

  • Jan 05, 2015 by Theresa S.

    Great service! Meatloaf was delicious, but all of the other food was very bland. It might be nice if the menu says that the cornbread is really Johnny Cakes, as it was really disappointing.

  • Dec 31, 2014 by Brian M.

    A very casual old time sports bar. And that's the beauty in this place not a lot going on, not to big or too small. All the waitstaff and bartenders are very Eagar to please.the food is excellent. A great place to chill while watch your favorite game or just to enjoy music playing in the background. Kenny did a superior job keeping glasses filled taking orders. And had a great sense of humor.

  • Nov 19, 2014 by Cassie S.

    Meh is the perfect word to describe my feelings about Dalton's.   The menu is huge - there will certainly be something that you want.  Unless you're looking for something healthy, in which case, you should probably go somewhere else.  Food was OK but not great - very greasy.  When we went, service was super-slow even though it was not crowded at all.   It's nearby and convenient, but there are better places.

  • Nov 15, 2014 by Michelle

    Ribeye is the best ever!

  • Aug 18, 2014 by Cynthia A.

    This is in regards to a to go order. First of all I walked in and no one paid any attention to me.  Finally I asked a lady where I could place a to go order and she pointed to the bar. After 10 minutes someone finally ask me "what I wanted". I ordered roast beef, mashed potatoes, turnip greens, and creamed corn. It was absolutely the worse meal I've ever ordered the roast beef and gravy had been warmed over. It had that old taste to it. The turnip greens were so salty  and had a gritty taste (maybe they  should wash them better) creamed corn was definetly caned. I gave it 1 star because the corn bread was either ok or I was so hungry it was the only thing edible.  Someone needs to open a meat and 3 and put this place out of business. Wouldn't take much.   People like to be greeted with a smile. If you don't want to take  to go orders then don't  but  don't treat people like they are bothering you. I've been a server for 30 years. Big mistake I'm a 30 percent tipper.  I'll never go back

  • Jun 23, 2014 by Amanda B.

    I can't believe we lived in Bellevue for 6 months before we gave them a chance! Don't expect a high-end sports lounge, this is a classic Sports Bar, but the kicker is that the food is excellent. We have eaten here about once every two weeks or so since we discovered it in March. If they have the Coconut Grouper, get it! They have an extensive menu plus a rotating menu of daily specials with everything from meatloaf to catfish to crab cakes. Seriously? Yes, the crab cakes are awesome. And don't even get me started on the sides! (Side note- if you like fried pickles, chips not spears, this place is your jam)

  • Jun 08, 2014 by Avery L

    We happened upon this place through our GPS, when our original choice turned out to be no longer in business. I would normally order a whole rack of ribs, but only ordered the half rack. I'm glad I did. The ribs were VERY meaty; top, bottom, and in between. And great tasting, fall off the bone. Service was abit spotty, but very friendly and helpful. The drinks were excellent and generous. My wife also enjoyed her food very much. We will certainly spot again when we're in the area.

  • May 05, 2014 by Kenney M.

    Ribs, steak, pasta, burgers, wings, veggie plates, nachos, tons of salads, happy hour, all you can eat catfish on Friday nights... What else do you need?

  • Apr 04, 2014 by Brandon C.

    My wife, daughter and I have been visiting Daltons off and on for 6-7 years.  We always enjoy our meals.  Some more than others, but overall it is typically a great experience.  The staff is always very friendly.  Not sure what JH's review about having to line up at the bar to pay was about, maybe it is only a lunch thing, because we have always paid at our table.  My wife loves the chicken and dumplings, while I love the burgers, chicken biscuits, catfish and cod.  They have a lot of tvs to catch the games, a full bar area, and is also very welcoming to young children.  And once again, the staff is always so friendly.

  • Apr 02, 2014 by krashtestdummy

    I had a decent dinner here, so while passing through the area I and a few colleagues decided to go for lunch. In a word, don't. Pros: almost empty restaurant. Plenty of seating. Cons: Fried chicken: They should be ashamed to serve "fried chicken" in the South. Two pieces of breast meat, boneless, obviously just brought from the freezer, dry beyond redemption. Coated with a greasy layer of - who knows what. Fried fish: "Is it catfish?" we asked. Said the waiter, "A lot of people say it tastes just like catfish." Just like catfish?! We never did find out what it was. Cucumber onion salad: full of added sugar. Very sweet. Very weird. Mac and cheese: pasta cooked or microwaved (more likely) so long that the proteins had broken down. Mushy. If you put it in your mouth and let it sit on your tongue, it dissolved. Soda water/club soda. Tasted like it had an awful lot of additives. Almost sweet. Weird. This lunch was one of the worst meals I've had in my life. Astonishingly bad. I'd give them a second chance but I can't imagine dealing with it again. Sad, because the dinner was pretty good.

  • Mar 22, 2014 by Tracy F.

    Super casual place to grab a quick lunch or a cold beer after work.  While not posh in any way, the food is consistently good and the servers are friendly and efficient.  My husband enjoys the meat-and-three - the creamed corn in particular, while I am partial to their grilled cheese and soup lunch special.  On a cold, dreary winter day, you can't go wrong with a hot grilled cheese and a delicious (and big) bowl of vegetable beef soup.  Yum. While I'd never think to bring guests to Dalton's, I'd definitely return for a quick and tasty lunch or dinner.  We'll be back!

  • Feb 28, 2014 by John S.

    Friendly staff here with plenty of choices. The sides here are my favorite well besides the fresh grouper itself - wow. When you find a eatery who can cook up grandma quality sides w proper seasoning you'll be back too. This place has a list of fresh sides by the dozen daily you can easily just go w a veggie plate here , man that's awesome in itself. Just an example - one side is 'stewed tomatoes' now that wouldn't usually get an uproar but..this is like a tomatoe cobbler ! Ok so its got sugar , if it takes me from frozen fries to inpart healthy well Im sold. Oh the fries here , yes you can get the old crinkles but.. ask for home fries -wow. -John S.

  • Jan 15, 2014 by Ann W.

    Friendly, casual place with a great steak biscuit. Juicy and flavorful steak and the biscuit was warm and fluffy with enough substance to eat with steak. Perfect. The cucumber and onion salad side was great, too. Nope, it's not a fancy place, but definitely worth a try if you are in the neighborhood and looking for an easy, relaxed meal.

  • Aug 24, 2013 by LifeArtPhoto

    My husband and I love Dalton's. we have only gone for dinner, but I hear they have breakfast on Saturdays now along with great lunch specials. We like being able to get a decent meal there. I like the chicken tenders, austons BBQ plate, and the Hawaiian chicken has been good. It may not be as fancy as Applebee's or some chain restaurant, but the service is always friendly and the meals are always good. We also would rather support a local business in our community than a chain. We also prefer the quiet setting with an affordable price.

  • May 29, 2013 by Adam K

    My wife and I started going here a few months ago after a friend spoke highly of them. Often on Fridays we take a friend along who always gets the rib-eye. I have always been pleased with the food and service. It is a low-key sports bar that is family friendly. I have enjoyed the rib-eye, fried shrimp, wings and grouper basket. My wife has had salmon. We always leave happy and the prices are fair. The owner often comes by to welcome us and to make sure we are happy. We are glad to have a quiet little place like this is our neighborhood. Service is always good and if we have any room left, the desserts are good too.

  • May 14, 2013 by Stevan J.

    Another great dining experience. 3.5 stars. Good food at a good price. Location: B Service: A Food quality: A - Clientele / Ambiance: B Price (you get what you pay for): A + Overall: B + Dined here on April 12, 2013. Mom's treat

  • Mar 21, 2013 by Michael P.

    Things change, and despite my pessimism, sometimes for the better. I have returned to Dalton's Grill and left smiling. I did the meat and 2. Hot Chicken, turnip greens and squash casserole. Now when I say "Hot Chicken" it's not Princes hallucination inducing crazy hot, but old folk with a little heat hot. Most importantly it was moist good flavored chicken served on top of two slices of white bread. The sides were good as well. ( hint for Yankees: ask for a little vinegar for the greens) The staff are very friendly and know everyone that steps through the door. Most are way past carding age but they are a fun loving group. Decor?... well, it's a grill. Ya got TVs and a place to sit quit cha whining!

  • Jan 23, 2013 by Angela

    Cod fish dinner is really good!

  • Nov 26, 2012 by Pgehrks89

    I'm the type of person who usually cleans their plate regardless of quality, but this, I just couldn't take. We both had the meat and two plate. I had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and fries. All but the fries was just mush, microwaved garbage that tasted terrible. The chicken fried steak in particular was the consistency of jello, not exactly what I had in mind. We quickly paid the check and left, never to return.

  • Jul 13, 2012 by Lance

    The best "home" cooking in Nashville. Maybe the whole state.

  • Jul 10, 2012 by 4bird1

    Great place to watch sports and have a cold libation. Plenty of very good food, all the standard pub grub and lots choices of meats accompanied with veggies. Lunch and dinner seven days a week. A long bar is something out of the past. Service is fast and friendly. Prices are reasonable.

  • Apr 28, 2012 by Emily

    They smoke meats (whole chicken, ribs, wings, and pork tenderloin) on Saturdays after 4pm and it is delicious!

  • Mar 06, 2012 by Phillthy

    Ask for Patrick. He will hook it up.

  • Mar 01, 2012 by Toni H

    This is a great restaurant for a meat & three dinner or a regular order-off-the-menu dinner. Everything tastes home-cooked. There are plenty of options to choose from and we have never had a bad meal here. We prefer the meat & three entrees. There are always 5-7 meats to choose from and 10+ veggies or sides to choose from. One of our favorite sides is the cucumber salad. There is a board outside daily listing specials. The atmosphere is neighborly, casual, friendly. It's a great place for families, couples or singles. Although it is in a strip mall, once you walk inside, you would never imagine you were in a strip mall. Prices are very reasonable.

  • Feb 28, 2012 by Jeanna

    The chopped steak is incredible. Huge piece of meat, seasoned just right.

  • Feb 12, 2012 by Rebecca M.

    One big, country-fried grease pit. If you're in the mood for that type of food, here's your spot. Fried pickles, BBQ, fried okra, etc... My favorite part of the meal was my baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter. On the service side, the staff is extremely friendly and attentive. Very family friendly atmosphere.

  • Nov 10, 2011 by Shane A.

    I go here when I crave a French Dip and hot, crispy fries. Vibe is cool, kind of sorta family friendly. Staff always friendly. Wings okay, nothing to write home about. Standard sport's bar fare.

  • Aug 12, 2011 by Busy Mom

    Try the Reuben sandwich!

  • Jun 13, 2011 by Terrell L.

    It's like a sports bar opened inside this mom & pop's meat and three. A neighborhood joint with good food.

  • Jun 05, 2011 by Aaron K.

    Very pricey for just lunch it was 28$ for two people not including tip the foods okay but I wouldn't go back again.

  • Nov 17, 2010 by Nick N.

    Having been here twice now I will say that I have enjoyed it both times.  The first time I selected a pork-chop dinner with sides off the menu and it was good.  The second time I had a burger and fries which were also good.  The service was attentive and timely.  They have daily specials which I noticed others having and they certainly looked tasty and everyone seemed to be enjoying.  The crowd ranged from kids to older adults so overall it had a family vibe to it even though at first glance it looks more like a bar than restaurant.  I didn't have a drink but they have a full bar and several brews to select from....if you are in the neighborhood and looking for a nice relaxed low-key place to hangout I'd say this is a winner.

  • Apr 12, 2010 by Michelle

    This place has the most AMAZING rib eye steaks. It's better than any of the other fancy steak places. Everything is yummy! You should check this out.

  • Sep 01, 2008 by dlin5546

    excellent food, friendly service excellent sports bar family atmosphere, unique menu items, one of best casual down to casuel earth good food resturants in Nashville.

  • Dec 25, 2007 by vashparadise

    Great Food, Great Prices.. Lunch specials start out at 6 bucks! I've always had a good experience there. Friendly staff!