City Limits Bakery & Café

City Limits Bakery & Café

361 Clofton Drive
Nashville TN 37221

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Serving Coffee,
Breakfast & Lunch
To Our Bellevue Community 
Since 1992

Hours of Operation
Mon-Wed: 7am-2pm
Thurs-Sat: 7am-8pm
Sun: 8am-3pm

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We source local coffee beans for all of
our freshly-brewed flavored coffees.

Coffee, Muffins, Breakfast Baninis,
Bagels, Sandwiches, Paninis, 
Soups, Salad & Sweets

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  • Aug 30, 2022 by Z T

    This cafe has a nice warm community feel and a kind staff. They have lots of breakfast sandwich options and baked goods. Plenty of seating indoors and outdoor seating options.

  • Aug 04, 2022 by Lupe Rosales

    Great little breakfast place. Wait was not to long and our orders were out quickly. I had the Huevos Rancero breakfast sandwich which was very delicious. If like cream cheese, this is the one for you. Coffee was good to which is a must at a breakfast shop. The party I went with said they enjoyed their meals as well. Would recommend!

  • Jun 17, 2022 by L P

    We love City Limits. Their bagels, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and cinnamon rolls are so delicious. We eat there frequently and though they are busy and sometimes short staffed, they have always been pleasant to us and our food arrives timely. We also believe their prices are reasonable. We believe in supporting local businesses, and this one never disappoints.

  • Jun 05, 2022 by Todd Attenberger

    Wonderful establishment with super friendly local owners. Everything was homemade and delicious.
    Cleanliness is extremely important to me and this joint hits the mark.
    This is our new local go to.

  • May 12, 2022 by Jacob Brown

    Love that it is a small local cafe/bakery. What we got was good- Cobb salad and a panini. Large portions and made to order. The only downside was the employee working in food very clearly did not want to be there and had a pretty down attitude. When cooking the food, he actually said “good enough” when taking it off the grill. Doesn’t give us much confidence in what we are eating, but the food is good and we have been multiple times.

  • Mar 25, 2022 by William Cooper

    Overall, this is a solid establishment. My Greek Sandwich was very good, bread was fresh and unique. The chip selection is a very small bag of lays or ruffles. If management reads this, I would try to up your chip game. Having small bags of baked chips or even Miss Vickie’s kettle would go a long way. I certainly understand the challenging economic times, but $10.95 for basically just a sandwich for lunch is a bit steep. Breakfast & salad prices seem very reasonable which is good. A very local feel which is always refreshing!

  • Mar 23, 2022 by David Galloway

    City Limits is a friendly neighborhood cafe in the Bellevue area. They offer good soups and salads and a nice variety of hot and cold sandwiches. There's no grill so you won't find any burgers and sometimes they run out of one or two soup choices before lunchtime is over but there are always plenty good choices. The food is fresh and the bakery selection is pretty good too. The staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable. Give it a try if you are in the area before 3pm. They no longer have evening hours but that's understandable with the difficulty in finding staff these days. It's worth the visit.

  • Mar 19, 2022 by Lasy Phanthalangsy-Johnson

    Stopped by today for the very first time & ordered a bread bowl with chicken noodle along with their Turkey, Pear & Brie panini. It was delightful & so was the service from the young man that took my order to the other one that gave it to me. It’s too bad I didn’t find this gem sooner. I could taste how fresh & homemade everything I ordered was. Will definitely make another visit before I move out of state in a few weeks.

  • Dec 08, 2021 by Jack Daniels

    There are several things I want to address. First the Daily Soup. Often times if you call about a soup when they open, it'll be gone in an hour or two. Then they'll restock with an unfavorable one.
    The second thing I want to address is the staff answering the phone. When you call to check on the soups of the day or place a To Go Order, they answer the phone after letting it ring several times, then often place you on hold when you reach someone, then aren't friendly when they come back on the line.

    Word of advice to owner:
    Put back into your restaurant. Purchase new furniture & improve the gross ceiling / gross bathrooms.
    Hire someone to answer the phone / for To Go Orders.
    Stock the same soups of the day, daily. Don't switch them up mid day. Since you're open until 2, you should keep it stocked until 2...

  • Dec 04, 2021 by Steve Slovenski

    Very cute local bakery, not crowded even on a Saturday morning. Prices are amazing. Highly recommend the southern banini.

  • Dec 02, 2021 by Helen Jenkins

    Easy to read menu. Good bagel served hot off the grill. Large variety of coffee flavors.

  • Nov 17, 2021 by William Duncan

    Nice café. Friendly employees. Clean dining area. I only had the coffee. The coffee did run out while filling my cup. I had to mix another flavor with it. Still very good and the coffee was refilled quickly.

  • Nov 13, 2021 by Michael Cameron

    My potato soup was excellent and my chicken salad sandwich was fire

  • Sep 12, 2021 by Greg Malenovsky

    I love my Southern Banini on Everything. And the Cinnamon Chip muffin was awesome. It’s a great find in our neighborhood and a favorite for a quality place to grab coffee and a bite.

  • Aug 25, 2021 by Kayla K.

    We enjoyed our baninis. The cream cheese was pretty good and the quality of the bagels was right on par. I wish there had been more of a bakery selection to choose from.

  • Aug 15, 2021 by Lisa Rouwenhorst

    Food is fresh. Service is quick. Soups are delicious and some unique sandwiches. Great for lunch.

  • Aug 02, 2021 by Andy Zimmerman

    Gave it 4 tries, kept getting worse every time. I wasn’t even going to post a review but it was that bad. The cheese on the “grilled” cheese wasn’t even melted. Not even sure they put it in the panini press. Too bad, I love our local businesses but you guys have to step up your game.

  • Jul 11, 2021 by Shiloh Burns

    We enjoyed the food here. There were lots of great choices. Staff was mostly friendly.

  • Jul 07, 2021 by avida zarei

    Very nice place to drink your coffee with variety of pastries or have your lunch or dinner if you like to have cold or hot sandwich/ penneny.
    The staff were so lovely and kind.

  • Jun 29, 2021 by Ladonna M.

    I live in the area and everyone around Bellevue was happy to hear when they re-opened the middle of 2020 during COVID-19 as restrictions listed. So glad they are still thriving and serving good food at good prices, i.e. soup, salads, hot & cold sandwiches for lunch. Yummy baked goods if you hanker for brownies, jumbo cookies or various types of bars. You order and pick up at the counter. They have seating inside and outside. Easy to get in and out and good variety for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They recently added back evening hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I go here every few weeks and recommend it.

  • Jun 18, 2021 by ginger courtney

    Seems like a really old building that needs work. I had a bagel breakfast sandwich. It was ok. I expected it to seem freshly made. It seemed just like any bagel I could get at the grocery store. Not bad but not as good as brueggers or what I could make at home. My fiance got a croissant sandwich. They panini press everything, so my bagel was not nicely toasted but smashed. His croissant was not light soft warm and buttery but smashed crispy and flaky. We may try other things, because it's right around the corner.

  • Jun 10, 2021 by Derek Scott

    Update: Can anyone explain why they serve bagels, and sandwiches after 11am, but not bagel sandwiches? You still have the ingredients, why are you restricting what you make with those ingredients to a time frame? There’s some genuine flaws in the logic of whoever runs this place. It’s visible throughout.

    I genuinely don’t know why this place has such good reviews. I’ve been here multiple times with others, and every time it’s an experience in mediocrity.

    Ordering is a pain, the menu descriptions are small ‘handwritten’ font that’s difficult to read. The menu signs are also angled away from each other so it’s impossible to see them all from the register. You’ll also be lucky if the employee behind the register even knows how to properly ring your order up. I was charged an additional $0.65 on my salad for seemingly nothing.

    The atmosphere is lacklustre with the dining area feeling awkward and cramped. I counted over 20 tables crammed in here with u max of 6 tables actually being used. That results in the patrons having to navigate through all these empty tables and chairs.

    The food is decent. I don’t understand why breakfast is limited to 11am, which also doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere. They do still sell bagels and sandwiches after 11am so it seems illogical to restrict bagel sandwiches. The soup in a bread bowl isn’t great. The bread bowl itself is the wrong type bread and the soup (potato) was rather bland. The salads are good, as are the sandwiches despite being on the skimpy side.

    I got a raspberry freeze thing and it wasn’t blended thoroughly enough so the little soda straw they give you clogs instantly. It’s okay because it tasted like cold brew, milk, and far too many pumps of raspberry syrup. I ended up throwing away over half the $4.50 drink. The tea is also on the weaker side which is a shame since tea is so cheap to make.

    With some work this could be a lovely place worth of the reviews but as of now it seems to be overly optimistic locals.

  • May 22, 2021 by Blake Baldassari

    Delicious coffee, I got the City Roast. I ordered an everything bagel with plain cream cheese but unfortunately I guess they just heard "plain". Good news though, the bagel was really good plain! I was wearing a mask so maybe I didn't project enough! I'll see you guys again!

  • May 22, 2021 by Teresa S.

    The veggie panini was amazing! Unfortunately, that was the only enjoyable part of this experience. The servers were gruff and not helpful at all. The desserts were stale. The table was sticky and the bathroom was dirty. There were lots of people working behind the counter and in the dining area, so it didn't seem like the issue was a lack of available workers. But that panini... I would almost go back for another one of those.

  • May 13, 2021 by Steven R.

    It's name is synonymous with great food! It's a well hidden jewel in an area that is surrounded by a warm family neighborhood. It appears that the kitchen staff are up and coming artisan chefs. Attention to detail and care goes into everything prepared, and it shows. Very down to earth atmosphere, unpretentious and quality ingredients. One of Bellevue's top notch breakfast and lunch eateries. Guy Fieri would most definitely put his stamp of approval and being a local, it's become a weekly must-have for takeout.

  • May 02, 2021 by Derek Scott

    I genuinely don’t know why this place has such good reviews. I’ve been here multiple times with others, and every time it’s an experience in mediocrity.

    Ordering is a pain, the menu descriptions are small ‘handwritten’ font that’s difficult to read. The menu signs are also angled away from each other so it’s impossible to see them all from the register. You’ll also be lucky if the employee behind the register even knows how to properly ring your order up. I was charged an additional $0.65 on my salad for seemingly nothing.

    The atmosphere is lacklustre with the dining area feeling awkward and cramped. I counted over 20 tables crammed in here with u max of 6 tables actually being used. That results in the patrons having to navigate through all these empty tables and chairs.

    The food is decent. I don’t understand why breakfast is limited to 11am, which also doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere. They do still sell bagels and sandwiches after 11am so it seems illogical to restrict bagel sandwiches. The soup in a bread bowl isn’t great. The bread bowl itself is the wrong type bread and the soup (potato) was rather bland. The salads are good, as are the sandwiches despite being on the skimpy side.

    I got a raspberry freeze thing and it wasn’t blended thoroughly enough so the little soda straw they give you clogs instantly. It’s okay because it tasted like cold brew, milk, and far too many pumps of raspberry syrup. I ended up throwing away over half the $4.50 drink. The tea is also on the weaker side which is a shame since tea is so cheap to make.

    With some work this could be a lovely place worth of the reviews but as of now it seems to be overly optimistic locals.

  • Apr 20, 2021 by Jan Schuffman

    Reliably good food and delectables bakery items - my favorite is the walnut brownie but you might have to try them all to decide for yourself. :) My favorite soup is the cream of potato with which I spoil myself by adding a bread bowl. Favorite sandwiches are the grilled cheese panini and the Cuban panini; the Cuban is not authentic since they don't have Cuban bread, but it's good just for what it is. Sandwiches come with potato chips and a pickle spear. The chicken and cranberry salad is good too.
    During the pandemic, they've been great about taking orders over the phone and bringing them out to the car, and everyone is appropriately masked. Call before you go to make sure they'll be open when you get there, since they've had to reduce their hours in the pandemic.
    They have different kinds of coffee but I can't advise you there since I'm not a coffee drinker.
    Most seating is indoors but there a few tables in front on a covered walk.

  • Mar 25, 2021 by Kendall R.

    This is a hidden gem! I came on a Saturday morning and it was full but not too busy or crowded. I got a croissant breakfast sandwich with sausage, cheese, and egg. The kind of weird thing was they made it into a panini, but regardless it was very tasty. I've been searching for a certain muffin in town since high school and I finally found one here! They have a chocolate chip cappuccino muffin and it is DELICIOUS!! I cant wait to come back for this muffin and mor tasty breakfast treats.

  • Mar 12, 2021 by William Ray

    Locally owned. Comfortable. Fast. Excellent food. Is there anything else we need?

  • Jan 28, 2021 by Fancy Pants

    Stopped in to see what all the hype was about. I had a breakfast banini of white egg & bacon. The person taking my order asked what type of bagel so I told her, but when my order came it was on a Panini bread. I found the entire sandwich tasteless. I was so disappointed. My husband found the french coffee plain too. I did pick up a cherry pastry which was actually pretty good. Let's see how their lunch is when I go back.

  • Jan 26, 2021 by Victor l Thomas

    I come here every now and then I usually come to get just a simple cup of coffee they have maybe five or six different options I've had the pastries a few time ls and they were good

  • Jan 13, 2021 by Sharron Webb

    Good food. But they keep changing hours of operation

  • Jan 09, 2021 by David Harzman

    Just went in on 01/09/2021 & had excellent service. It was still early, around 7:45, but It felt appropriately staffed. I love this neighborhood cafe & can feel good about recommending this place to anyone. Their sausage, egg & cheese croissant is so good and I am grateful to have a cafe like City Limits in our neighborhood.


    Editing my review, this place is still producing great products but has been chronically understaffed since re-opening. I’ve provided feedback privately and am still seeing unfair odds for the kids behind the counter. Charge more for your products so you can create a more competitive benefit package for employees. The people who want cheap food and poor service will go eat at McDonald’s.


    Amazing baked goods, paninis & salads. Coffee game needs a little work IMO. I ordered an Americano and had to explain to the cashier what I meant. They have other espresso items on their menu (lattes, cappuccino, etc..) so I was a little concerned. I definitely got a large drip coffee, which was great, but not what I ordered. I'm sure if I ordered something directly off the menu it would have came prepared exactly correct. They are very good at what they do, but I don't think they have a dedicated Barista in house.

  • Dec 22, 2020 by Sandra K.

    I like that my egg and cheese croissant had a real egg in it - not that stuff that comes out of a carton.  It was grilled on a panini press which was nice/unusual. It seemed like it was missing something.  It would cost nearly nothing if theyd add a little garnish like an orange slice on the side, the same way a lunch sandwich would come with a pickle slice.  Strawberries go bad too fast and melon is too wet whereas oranges keep well for a few days, and orange would cut the oilyness of a grilled sandwich.    Not that they were oily - you know, like fried foods - the paper they're wrapped in absorbs a lot of it.    Hey.   Orange slice :-).   But it tasted really good and my husband said his breakfast sandwich was also good and had a good amount of bacon on it.   Cost was about $5.25 each plus tax.

  • Dec 08, 2020 by Becky Anne Smith

    We love this place - great pastries, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, salads...

    Two reasons why I’m rating four stars instead of five:

    1) staff accountability for Covid protections is low. Half the staff are wearing their masks incorrectly or not at all when we visited this morning.

    2) they stop serving breakfast at 11, when people are clearly still purchasing breakfast pastries. Very disappointing for a member of my group who wanted a bacon egg and cheese at 11:15!

    Edit : Unfortunately, we aren't eating at City Limits Cafe anymore. We visited recently and witnessed staff removing masks to chat while we were in close proximity. The cashier was rude about a simple menu question. We will try again post pandemic.

  • Dec 06, 2020 by Scott Dever

    This is a great place all the time, however we had a catering order go wrong last week and the manager went over and above to make it right!! Very good way to earn loyalty!

  • Dec 04, 2020 by David Harzman

    Editing my review, this place is still producing great products but has been chronically understaffed since re-opening. I’ve provided feedback privately and am still seeing unfair odds for the kids behind the counter. Charge more for your products so you can create a more competitive benefit package for employees. The people who want cheap food and poor service will go eat at McDonald’s.


    Amazing baked goods, paninis & salads. Coffee game needs a little work IMO. I ordered an Americano and had to explain to the cashier what I meant. They have other espresso items on their menu (lattes, cappuccino, etc..) so I was a little concerned. I definitely got a large drip coffee, which was great, but not what I ordered. I'm sure if I ordered something directly off the menu it would have came prepared exactly correct. They are very good at what they do, but I don't think they have a dedicated Barista in house.

  • Nov 30, 2020 by Mc Ren

    Food is very good, but service is lacking. Seems to be a lack of leadership here. Wait times can be long, staff seems confused, line backed up to the door, staff constantly changing. Walked in this morning at 8am, to find only 1 lady working the entire restaurant alone. How is this a good idea? Why would you ever only have 1 person scheduled? Would be better if they worked more urgently and had some stronger leadership directing people.

  • Nov 19, 2020 by Mc Ren

    Food is very good, but service is lacking. Seems to be a lack of leadership here. Wait times can be long, staff seems confused, line backed up to the door, staff constantly changing. Walked in this morning at 8am, to find only 1 lady working the entire restaurant alone. How is this a good idea? Why would you ever only have 1 person scheduled?

  • Nov 16, 2020 by Phylicia Alexander

    This place is delish! I have visited 3 times and have enjoyed each dish I ate here. Their portion sizes are pretty large with high food quality and great customer service! Love the extensive tea selection.

  • Oct 06, 2020 by Bev H

    I don't know if its related to Covid19 or change in staff but breakfast was very disappointing.
    Our drink orders were wrong, they were out of many items (but didn't communicate that), and my egg and cheese sandwich was so bland! I used to really like this place but after this morning I'm not impressed.

  • Sep 27, 2020 by Bev H

    I don't know if its related to Covid19 or change in staff but breakfast was very disappointing.
    Or drink orders were wrong, they were out of many items (but didn't communicate that), and my egg and cheese sandwich was so bland! I used to really like this place but after this morning I'm not impressed.

  • Sep 11, 2020 by Becky Anne Smith

    We love this place - great pastries, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, salads...

    Two reasons why I’m rating four stars instead of five:

    1) staff accountability for Covid protections is low. Half the staff are wearing their masks incorrectly or not at all when we visited this morning.

    2) they stop serving breakfast at 11, when people are clearly still purchasing breakfast pastries. Very disappointing for a member of my group who wanted a bacon egg and cheese at 11:15!

  • Sep 05, 2020 by B H

    Ticket times are long, but overall good.

  • Aug 16, 2020 by Martin Jones

    Good experience! We ordered coffee and breakfast sandwiches and everything was good. The staff seems a little scattered but it was early in the day. They're following COVID precautions well.

  • Aug 15, 2020 by Linda Bates

    City Limits has the BEST coffee anywhere. It's the perfect place for yummy pastries, soups, salads, and paninis! The background music makes is easy to read, work or chat with friends. The staff are all super sweet, hard workers--true hope for America's future. Bellevue's BEST Cafe!!

  • Aug 12, 2020 by Vikki Schaffer

    First time there, definitely not the last!!! DELICIOUS turkey and brie sandwich, excellent and quick service, very clean, staff was gracious and efficient. Recommend highly!

  • Jul 04, 2020 by Moriko Grimes

    Ordered over the phone on the drive there... egg and cheese breakfast paninis, iced coffee, Italian soda and yogurts. Everything was ready and cooked to perfection when we arrived and prices were reasonable. It was so good, I ate all my food before I thought to take a picture. I will definitely return!

  • Jun 26, 2020 by jmhFranklin_TN

    The only day to get Lobster Bisque is on Friday at City Limits. Be sure to put that in your weekly schedule because this is the best bisque in Nashville. There are many other wonderful sandwiches and items on the menu. I highly recommend City Limits!

  • Jun 21, 2020 by Amber Zaricor

    We love supporting LOCAL spots with incredible food. Great breakfast sandwiches and fresh coffee!!! Their Brie & Pears Panini will knock your socks off!!!

  • Jun 14, 2020 by Deb York

    I have been going to City Limits since they opened in 2002!! Never disappointed with food and service!! Even since we became vegetarian - the options and choices were excellent!

  • Jun 05, 2020 by Rod Frank

    City Limits has consistently good foid and is a staple breakfast and lunch destination for locals. The desserts pastries are not to be missed. My last visit rates a 4 because I had trouble with the WiFi and the staff, though they tried, were ultimately unhelpful.

  • Apr 25, 2020 by Patricia Smith

    I love to order The City Max at City Limits located in the Bellevue area of Nashville. The City Max gives you the choice of two of their many sandwiches , soups,or salads. There are so many choices it's hard to choose. Hear the teas and coffees are great. The homemade breads and pastries are beautiful and tasty. We will also never forget the generosity of City Limits in feeding the community during the historic flood of Nashville several years ago. Love City Limits and I go often. They have a Cuban sandwich right now that's delicious. Yum! Fruit tea.

  • Mar 05, 2020 by Jim Patterson

    Nice place for a quick lunch. They have a good selection of sandwiches and salads. My city chicken panini was well filled with chicken and roasted peppers. Lots of interesting looking bagel sandwiches, too, although I haven't tried any of them.

  • Mar 01, 2020 by Scott Burgan

    Love to eat here. Sandwiches and salads are delicious. Haven't had anything that I did not enjoy.

  • Feb 12, 2020 by Gabriel Bassett

    I really like this coffee shop. They have breakfast and lunch and lots of baked goods in addition to all the coffee you'd expect. There's a nice couch along with the normal chairs. It really feels like a nice local place unlike some of the pretentious coffee shops around. I just wish they had slightly nicer tea.

  • Feb 12, 2020 by DavidUSA2011

    After visiting the Bellevue library with our 3 year old grandson (by the way, it is a wonderful library), my wife and I wanted to find a lunch spot that would work for both of us and our grandson. He wanted peanut butter and jam, and when we checked the menu at City Limits, it was on the menu so we gave the place a try. What a great meal we had there. My wife and I both had the soup and 1/2 sandwich option which was excellent. A large bowl of soup (not a little cup) and a good sized 1/2 sandwich on soft sourdough bread - delicious. And the PB&J was a hit with the grandson. Could only eat half of it, and had the other half for breakfast the next day. He even ate some of the crust!!! All in all, a very positive experience, in a bakery and cafe with very nice ambiance.

  • Jan 26, 2020 by astral !

    I love it here I've been here twice. Food is too good. Too smoky inside wish they would air it out. Had to eat outside. Still will come for the good!

  • Jan 25, 2020 by Karen Baudino

    Food was great! We had the potato and chicken enchilada soups. Highly recommend! We’ll definitely be back.

  • Dec 05, 2019 by David Williams

    It's ok. Its nothing special. The food is fair and I'm being nice. If I had had my choice I wouldn't have gone there. I'm surprised it's still in business.

  • Nov 25, 2019 by Dave H.

    Always great food and coffee served by friendly staff. Low key and casual - but nice. Good selection on the menu at very reasonable prices. Easy convenient parking. Totally recommend popping in!

  • Nov 05, 2019 by GequitaR

    This is a very open yet cozy establishment. The bagels are delish as is the coffee. We loved it. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Oct 21, 2019 by Lamokadave56

    Went there on a Sunday midmorning. Was pleasantly greeted when we walked in and told to sit anywhere. Sat for a while and finally got up to fetch our menus and silverware. To be short, staff very friendly but service slow and long wait for food after ordering. Food quality ok, but nothing special

  • Oct 13, 2019 by Gloria Cox

    City Limits is a little gem in Bellevue. Their chicken and wild rice soup was great and especially hit the spot on this chilly day. Try it in a bread bowl - Yummy!

  • Oct 11, 2019 by Jill Staley Hall

    I’ve been using City Limits to cater my work events for years. They’re always on time with their deliveries, easy to work with, and our guests always give rave reviews on the lunch! I usually order sandwiches, salads, fresh cut fruit and cookies... all are fresh and delicious. I highly recommend City Limits!

  • Oct 08, 2019 by Daniel Scherer

    Great selections, from bakery snacks to full meals? I love the variety of coffees. All fresh. Friendly service.

  • Aug 10, 2019 by melissa harmon

    One of my favorite local places in avl!!! Avocado toast and Asiago cheese bagel with herb cream cheese!!! So good!

  • Jul 30, 2019 by Michael Graham

    I want to start by saying City Limits is normally an excellent place to eat. We eat here at least every week or two.
    However, yesterday was a real disappointment! The lady filling orders (she seems to always be there and normally does a good job) was too busy talking to a guy to pay attention to what she was doing. She missed that our order included a bowl of soup and made my sandwich wrong. I got the soup but I did not want to wait to have my sandwich remade - I hate mayonnaise!!!!
    The crazy thing is I do not think the guy that had her attention even purchased anything. He seemed to have just come in to talk about some new construction he had noticed in their neighborhood...

  • Jul 27, 2019 by Stan Poll

    On our visits to Nashville City Limits is a must do for lunch with family and friends. Casual dining that is surprisingly enjoyable for the food and pleasant atmosphere. There is no rush seating that affords engagement in conversation without loud background music. The menu offers a reasonable variety of deli-style soups, sandwiches, and salads. The desserts are excellent. Treat yourself to a quiet, flavorful lunch at City Limits.

  • Jul 23, 2019 by Patti Morse

    Good food not much atmosphere too many flies

  • Jul 16, 2019 by Ryan Arthur

    This is one of the best restaurants in far! Such fresh and tasty choices. I highly recommend the Cuban and the Southwest Salad.

    I really miss them being open for dinner!

  • Jul 16, 2019 by Ryan Arthur

    This is one of the best restaurants in far! Such fresh and tasty choices. I highly recommend the Cuban and the Southwest Salad.

    I really miss them being open for dinner!

  • Jul 06, 2019 by dianec624

    Had lunch here with a friend; love the Citi Max: turkey with Brie. Looking forward to a return visit:)

  • Jun 19, 2019 by Jennifer K.

    I had the pear and Brie panini. Service was very good and food was fast and good. Restaurant does not offer ketchup.

  • Jun 08, 2019 by Abhijit B.

    This place is not open till 8 pm . They have changed their hours of operation and close earlier on weekends.  Please update the same in Yelp. We came here on a rainy evening to find it closed .

  • May 15, 2019 by Lisa Sabia

    Delicious Cuban! The workers were friendly. The prices were reasonable. We definitely will return!

  • May 15, 2019 by Lisa Sabia

    Delicious Cuban! The workers were friendly. The prices were reasonable. We definitely will return!

  • May 08, 2019 by Jeff S.

    City lLimits  has been a favorite of mine for many years. They never disappoint. Delicious bakery goods and deli soups and sandwiches. And the owners have a history of hiring lots of local high school kids and giving them in some cases their very first job. Not just that, but they teach them the fundamentals of customer service. I recommend this to all my friends.

  • Apr 26, 2019 by Doug C K Belanger

    The everyone there is so accommodating and nice. Best fast casual place I've been to.

  • Mar 27, 2019 by Denny K.

    3.75 Read the reviews for City Limits Bakery & Cafe and decided to stop on the way home from an appointment in Nashville. Reviews were quite good and mine might be even more positive save for a hiccup or two. I was impressed by the menu as I entered the establishment. The menu board extends all the way, across the wall, from the left end of the restaurant with a small, more "intimate" tableau of tables to a more spacious and bright larger seating area on the right. But I was immediately confused by one of the cashiers who were standing at the same register. (Granted, I hadn't had my morning Cup'a Joe.) Nevertheless, one greeted me with a friendly smile and "hello." The other kinda waved to my right. So I walked that way to the end of the restaurant. There, I realized a bit too late, was where you pick up orders. (I did not see any signs indicating "order here" or "pick up here." Another employee asked, "Can I help you?" I casually replied, "Just checking what I might order for breakfast." She responded with a gesture to my left and, "The breakfast menu is over there." (The place I started to approach when I entered.) Swallowing my mild embarrassment, I made my way along the serving area - fortunately there were no other customers waiting - and continued to read the extensive menu. (Nice selection, by the way.) Back at the register I approached at the outset, I scanned the breakfast menu a last time, reacquainting myself with what I had already seen on the well laid out website. The young man behind the register took my order and very politely asked about the hat I was wearing (Vietnam Veteran). He told me his father had served there as well; and we continued with polite chit chat until my Banini (a panini-grilled bagel...I think I might have named it a Bagini...but who am I to argue.). Lots of coffee options....fair taste. The fresh "Southern" bagel-wich-ini  was toasted nicely with an adequate amount of ingredients, not overstuffed, not underrepresented. Options for take-out abound from breads to pastries to fresh bagels....and a bargain basket with yesterday's bagels at a big discount. If it's not out-of-your-way, stop by. Plenty of parking is available right outside the door....just.. ...remember to step up to the first register (actually the only one) to order.

  • Mar 17, 2019 by Maddie F.

    Recently at City Limits I had great service, a perfect chai latte and delicious asparagus soup. Although they are a casual, unpretentious cafe I'd eat there any day over some modern, fancy spot. It's a nice local place to go and a truly enjoy any meal I've had there! I'm updating my previous review since I think that really there's everything I look for in a neighborhood spot. Their drink menu isn't huge but they do have all the basics and some fun frozen drinks. Their bagel sandwiches are my favorite breakfast item, I love their southwest salad and the soup is great too.

  • Mar 16, 2019 by Andy Youssi

    Great local Bellevue restaurant! Very good food & atmosphere. Outdoor seating for nice days, with covered patio so even ok when it’s raining. Great for eating alone or as a group, or lunch meetings. Our church small group met there for a year, & it was a perfect place to eat together inside, then go out to the patio to enjoy our coffee & discussion.

  • Mar 15, 2019 by elizabeth gourieux

    Always good soups and salads. Friendly owner and staff. Clean and a neighborhood atmosphere.. Love it

  • Mar 11, 2019 by Bob Mathews

    The coffee is particularly good. I like the format. You pay for a mug (or paper cup to go) then fill it up with whatever flavor you want, and go back for refills. I usually go for the French Roast but there are 6 varieties to choose from. Food is good too.

  • Jan 05, 2019 by Meg A.

    When I think of happy food, I think of City Limits. This restaurant has been in Nashville for as long as I can remember, and it is always a go-to favorite. Their menu is quite large and has something for everyone. Mostly, there are soups, salads, and sandwiches. My persona favorites are the tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese. BUT this isn't any old grilled cheese! City limits puts tomatoes and Cesar dressing on their grilled cheese! It may sound strange, but trust me, IT TOTALLY WORKS!! I often find myself craving it and trying to make not at home, but City Limits does it best.    They have very fresh salads, and the baked goods are always great. The giant cookies and the bagels are to die for! I will always go to city limits for many reasons: the great food, the kind and friendly staff, the comfortable atmosphere, and the speedy service. Thank you City Limits!!

  • Jan 04, 2019 by G B.

    I have mixed feelings about this place.  I've eaten there twice and left with the same opinion.  First, the coffee is good. The quality of the breakfast and lunch was pretty good.  My three problems are: 1. The staff there is simply terrible.  I really suggest that the owner take some time to train your staff on basics of hospitality,  both times I was there the two girls (especially the short squat one behind the cash register pretty much made me feel that I was interrupting them and they were doing me a favor by taking my order. 2. There is literally no decor or charm to this place. None. Elementary school cafeterias have more charm than this place. 3. The price is on the high side for what you get.  I can get just as good food, better service for a lower price at Panera. On the positive side: 1. The soup is really good. If they could step things up, I'd say the price I paid could possibly be justified.

  • Dec 14, 2018 by Christopher Ayers

    Searched for food with greater than 4.5 stars and away from the congested areas. Was not disappointed!

    I had a turkey sandwich, my wife ate a tuna salad sandwich and both were very tasty! The tuna was a little dry, but otherwise the food was very good. We added on a lobster bisque and that turned out to be really good as well.

    They run out of breakfast items pretty quick, so if you’re showing up later during business hours, you’ve now been warned and can’t get mad.

    Bathrooms were clean and tidy, well stocked with soap.

    This last piece may turn others away, but I’m a train lover - and the place sits less than 25 feet away from active tracks. You’ll know when one goes by.

    All in all, I definitely recommend this place to anyone out looking to get away from the Starbucks or other fast food joints.

  • Dec 03, 2018 by Christopher Ayers

    Searched for food with greater than 4.5 stars and away from the congested areas. Was not disappointed!

    I had a turkey sandwich, my wife ate a tuna salad sandwich and both were very tasty! The tuna was a little dry, but otherwise the food was very good. We added on a lobster bisque and that turned out to be really good as well.

    They run out of breakfast items pretty quick, so if you’re showing up later during business hours, you’ve now been warned and can’t get mad.

    Bathrooms were clean and tidy, well stocked with soap.

    This last piece may turn others away, but I’m a train lover - and the place sits less than 25 feet away from active tracks. You’ll know when one goes by.

    All in all, I definitely recommend this place to anyone out looking to get away from the Starbucks or other fast food joints.

  • Nov 23, 2018 by Howard G.

    I must admit that my latte was good and ask that you not avoid this place because of my review, just avoid this horrible excuse for a Reuben sandwich. Admittedly, it is a generous portion of wet sauerkraut to soak your marble rye accompanied by ONE remarkably and impressively thin slice of turkey pastrami. Really??? I can't complain since I offered it to the other five people at my table who all took one look and declined my offer, so I disposed of my drenched sauerkraut sandwich.

  • Nov 16, 2018 by Mia W.

    Food is great. Service not so much. I tried to call ahead to order and was put on hold for 8 minutes. I eventually reached the bakery and walked up to the counter where there was a young lady just standing there. I said you might want to take your phone off hold. I was the one you put on hold 8 minutes ago. She just said sorry and moved on. At the time there were only 3 patrons in the restaurant. Anyhow food is always good and hot!

  • Nov 10, 2018 by Jaime B.

    My sister and I stopped by here in preparation for baby shower day. We ordered a bagel tray. It came nicely prepared, but it took quite a while to check out. They seemed quite confused. We had a terrible experience because he asked for a catering box of coffee to go, and the man/worker walked out from the back with a lid in his mouth. When we asked for a new lid he said he didn't have anymore. He was extremely rude. He didn't even try to make it right. There's no way I would ever turn here. That is not the way you treat your customers, and that is absolutely not sanitary.

  • Jul 09, 2018 by John B.

    Cam honestly say I have never had a bad meal at this establishment. I have tried their soups, salads and sandwiches and the ingredients are always fresh and tasty. My personal favorite is the roast beef sandwich.

  • Jul 09, 2018 by Kaela S.

    Stopped here on our way out of town on the last stop of our trip and we were impressed! I got french vanilla coffee with soy milk(one of two dairy free options). Custom ordered a California sandwich with no cheese that was on a sun dried tomato bagel which was delicious. My boyfriend got a chocolate croissant and a bagelini with sausage, cheese, bacon and egg. He devoured both! I would definitely recommend this place for a quick bite and good coffee!

  • Jun 03, 2018 by Erin N.

    Nice peaceful place to sit and have your coffee and a little breakfast. Food is good, hot, fresh.   Lunch is good and consistent. Fairly priced. Staff is friendly. Go ahead and visit, really nice neighborhood joint.

  • May 10, 2018 by Lisa S.

    Great neighborhood spot- delicious salads and sandwiches. My kids love the bagels and my personal fave is the cranberry chicken salad. So good and fresh. As a bonus, they have awesome pastries and maybe the best chocolate chip cookie in all of Nashville. Bold statement, I know, but very true. Different kind of chocolate chips and chunks and so big and soft. Definitely worth a visit to Bellevue!

  • Apr 05, 2018 by Kathy C.

    We've eaten there a few times. I should have written reviews immediately after we ate there but I forgot to. Everything we've had here is delicious and very fresh. We love the food. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We'll be back for many meals.

  • Mar 04, 2018 by Marley H.

    Had a panini and a chocolate chip cookie from this place for a quick lunch on a trip to nashville. Was very impressed with the quality of the bread and the cookie. The sandwich overall was just a fine, standard panini but I did enjoy the seeds present in the bread and I'd like to go back and try something else next time.

  • Feb 19, 2018 by Milton H.

    This is THE place if you love egg salad sandwiches.  The best I have found.  Other sandwiches are good too and always made fresh.  Never had a problem with the food.  If you have a sweet tooth - OMG - you have found a good place to fill that craving.  I love coming here.  Nice atmosphere.  The only negative is that the customer service could be a little better.  I don't really think they care if I'm there or not.  At least that's the vibe I get.  Not rude just don't seem to care that much.

  • Feb 11, 2018 by Krista N.

    Although I feel the price is a little high for the food. It doesn't stop us from going on a regular. The location and the feel of the couch and chairs. Makes for a comfortable setting for us with our daughter who likes to be on the move while she eats.

  • Jan 12, 2018 by Ginger H.

    Best place on earth!! Love all the food!! Great place to sit and relax. I go regularly!

  • Dec 03, 2017 by Meghan C.

    Still new to the area, but found this place and it reminds me a bit of Home (I'm from Seattle). The food is DELICIOUS, and you can taste how "real" it is as compared to something like Panera. So far I've had the grilled cheese with tomato soup, and the southwestern style chicken salad, and a chocolate croissant! Would recommend them to anyone! Quiet, and out of the way, I'm planning on this being my new study spot!

  • Nov 28, 2017 by Corey S.

    One of my all time faves from years ago and today. I love all their food. And I love that you can make any sandwich a panini! Turkey cheddar melt panini style is perfection. Way better than Panera!

  • Oct 22, 2017 by Cindy M.

    We love City Limit. Quick and consistently delicious! We love the breakfast sandwiches. And the pastries are always fresh and yummy. Plenty of seating and parking.

  • Oct 15, 2017 by Trent M.

    My kind of coffee shop :) Friendly people, great service, good food and great coffee. Their "Southern Banini" is my favorite savoury dish (sausage, bacon, egg, and cheese grill-pressed bagel) with the strawberry creme cheese pastry being the best of the sweets. Also their "Southern Pecan" coffee is delicious. Friendly spot for families in Bellevue.

  • Jul 31, 2017 by Maria K.

    I remember when this place opened! It was the talk of the town. A cute little bistro in Bellevue with pastries, coffee, soup and sandwiches. The town rejoiced. I wouldn't say the actually food here is out of this world. It's your stereotypical sandwiches/soups/salads/etc. But their bakery items are really good. More so than that, the ambiance is great and people love having book clubs/meetings/etc. there because it's so cozy!

  • Jun 16, 2017 by Tom

    Great place! Friendly people, good food, good drinks. I go here as often as I can!

  • Jun 12, 2017 by Julie H.

    This is an amazing little lunch place that I describe to my friends as kind of like Panera, but family owned and with better food. They have the BEST paninis I've ever had in my life (Brie and pears panini is my favorite) and their bakery selection is delicious! Plus, they have some amazing coffee, and is a great place for breakfast, too. I always bring friends from out of town here because it's one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville.

  • Jun 07, 2017 by William W.

    Not bad, but not out of this world. City Limits is a popular breakfast spot in Bellevue with a roomy interior, outdoor seating, a large array of coffees, and friendly employees. The extensive menu offers a number of options and specializes in the banini (various panini-style sandwiches framed by a "b"agel). On paper, the Huevos Rancheros banini seems like the winner, with pepper jack cheese, egg and bacon, and my favorite condiment on the planet, jalapeño cream cheese, all between an everything bagel. But there wasn't that spicy kick I had hoped for, reasonably flavorful but not the heat I anticipated. The bagel was blander than most I've eaten, which really surprised me because it's hard to mess up an everything bagel. The Southern Banini was better, with egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese, but the most significant difference was the flavorful sausage offsetting the blandness of the sesame seed bagel. Would I eat here again? Sure, if I were meeting someone for breakfast. But I wouldn't go two blocks out of my way to eat here. Quite frankly, when I'm in the Bellevue Station strip mall, I'm heading straight for legendary Pizza Perfect!

  • May 05, 2017 by James S.

    I have been a regular at City Limits for several years: one of my favorite spots...until this  week . We went there for a City Max and soup. I ended up with two soups because I have often enjoyed them and a half-sandwich. First, the potato cheese soup was more like potato mush which had been on the stove too long, clam chowder had hardly any clams in it and the roast beef sandwich had what appeared to be an oddly shaped slice of bread on top which didn't cover the sandwich. Ultimately, I just took it apart and ate it in pieces. So disappointed...I can't say I will never try it again but it will be a few months. My wife had a chicken Caesar Salad and she agreed...not up to standard; leaving most of it for the garbage.Twenty-eight dollars for this...not with all the other choices now and growing in Bellevue.

  • Apr 20, 2017 by Chris R.

    They have really good deli sandwiches and soups. I like the egg salad and also baked potato soup.

  • Apr 15, 2017 by Stephanie W.

    This is a bit of a hidden gem. The atmosphere is not great (kind of cafeteria like), but the fresh soup, bagels and salads are well worth the trip.  It feels more "fast casual" (very casual), but if you are like me and crave good soup and bread, this is a really great lunch spot.  I did not have salad, but it looks like they make it fresh and the menu selection looks really good.  I would love to see them get a facelift and enhance the environment but I would still return for the food.

  • Mar 16, 2017 by Beth W.

    Excellent experience. The menu is packed with must-try's. The service was super friendly and helpful. Wish I lived nearby so I could go again!!

  • Mar 06, 2017 by Scott B.

    The breakfast selection is limited as they do not cook eggs or bacon/ham but I usually get the tuna or chicken salad. Excellent.

  • Feb 07, 2017 by Shelly P.

    Very good food! Generous portions for 1/2 soup and 1/2 sandwich. The sweet tea was not very sweet at all. Definitely not "southern" sweet tea, which was disappointing. I'll be back!

  • Jan 24, 2017 by John H.

    I came here for lunch and this place is fantastic.Located in a nondescript strip mall in Bellevue it reminds me of a Panera only of a local flavor. But do not get me wrong, this is not Panera. The food is much better, the variety and taste of the coffee is much better and the service is friendly.I had the Turkey Cheddar melt and Cream of potato soup. Both were excellent. Even the roll was great. It's my first time here but I will be making the drive from Nashville periodically.

  • Dec 27, 2016 by Elena V.

    In all the food is really good. Today December 27 one of the girls standing at the Cash resister with blonde hair was out of it. We said Italian combo and she stood there and she what did y'all say. It happened twice.

  • Dec 04, 2016 by Mitch K.

    A Bakery & Cafe that is on steroids.  All form of sandwich on a variety of breads, lots being on bagels and some are cold and others are hot or pressed.  Salads of all kinds.  Soups made each day.  Then there are the coffees and fountain drinks and desserts. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had my favorite egg salad on rye and was happy.  Wife went for a grilled cheese which I wish I had ordered.  Coffee for both of us.  Coffee was very good as it is their blend and done strong and rich. A very clean, friendly and busy place.  Exceptionally nice people and everyone was smiling, esp the employees.   We were glad we stopped.

  • Nov 29, 2016 by Cheri C.

    Roasted tomato soup was quite good. Cashier was very nice-to the lady in line behind me that she knew. She wasn't friendly to me at all. In fact was quite indifferent to me all together. She should be nice to me because my $7 soup, hard roll, and fountain drink helps pay her wages!

  • Nov 09, 2016 by Jennifer Z.

    Soup,salad,and sandwiches a their best. The food is excellent,fresh,and served beautifully. I also enjoy dropping by for breakfast.

  • Nov 04, 2016 by Laura H.

    Great Panini sandwiches. My favorite is the Chicken Jack panini. Their salads are good too. Prices not bad either.

  • Oct 29, 2016 by Shayna T.

    This is my favorite LOCAL soup/salad/sandwich place. HOWEVER, sad that they got a new type of roll :( miss the old bread they served on the side. BUT I WILL remain a loyal customer :) always good for a sit in or to-go. Always consistently good, once you come here you'll never want to go to a Panera again. (just as bad as eating at McDonalds.) Worth driving a bit further to come here

  • Oct 26, 2016 by Lauren M.

    We love city limits! They have wonderful sandwiches and salads. I tend to get the chicken jack panini most of the time! They also have great bakery items such as bagels, croissants, muffins, etc. ( the toffee crunch is my favorite)

  • Oct 22, 2016 by Natalie H.

    Super cute, super down to earth coffee shop and bakery. The everything bagel was da bomb. They also have hazelnut coffee, which feels like a warm hug from Santa himself.

  • Oct 15, 2016 by Kathy B.

    At first I liked it a lot. Now I go there and have to wait way too long for just coffee and a muffin early in the morning. Only one person waiting on you doing everything. So you wait why she rings them up and then get their things ready. After waiting in line it was 4 minutes after 10 and she said I could not get breakfast even though I was there waiting my turn. Not very friendly and customer service not good.

  • Oct 11, 2016 by BachsMom T.

    The Santa Fe Chicken w cilantro lime dressing, as well as the turkey brie sandwich are both to die for! Sandwiches are pretty good soups are pretty good. Above average lunch spot and they do a terrific job for catering if you need to bring food in for a meeting etc. Great local eatery. It's just sort of in an odd location. You have to know it's there...

  • Oct 08, 2016 by David F.

    City limits makes good coffee. Their muffins are excellent and their breads are exceptional. It is a little out of the way, but it is a lovely place to sit. The staff are relatively friendly, the service is efficient and the prices are not extortionate. If you are in the area and need a caffein fix, a loaf, or a sandwich for lunch, you will do no better than coming in to City Limits, and, there is plenty of parking.

  • Aug 31, 2016 by Alyssa R.

    If you're just getting a bagel & cream cheese, this place is a win. Otherwise, prepare your self for cafeteria-esque food at this cafe. But this place doesn't market themselves as a cafeteria but a cafe. The turkey & Brie sandwich came on bread that can't handle Brie. The southwest salad was chunks of lettuce and a couple tortilla strips. I may come back if I'm in the neighborhood and solely want a bagel. But I'll head somewhere else for lunch. Totally loved the women playing Mah-Jong, props for that!

  • Aug 30, 2016 by Sasser M.

    I've been wavering on a review here for quite some time.  Unfortunately the food for me has been a bust.  After trying sandwiches here several times, none of them have been very good.  Bland is the best way to describe them. The pastries and cookies are pretty good.  HOWEVER, the problem with these are flies.  They never protect the pastries from flies.  Only the cookies in closed boxes below the counter are protected from the flies.   Yesterday I went in for a chocolate croissant but flies were all over them, so I walked out disgusted not for the first time.  After seeing this several times it's just gotten be very irritated!  The girl behind the counter even admitted they never protect the pastries from the flies! Shouldn't flies on food be a heath code violation?

  • Aug 27, 2016 by Shannon G.

    I ordered a salad for takeout and a grilled cheese for my kiddo. The prices were higher than I expected. Grilled cheese was cold and hard. They forgot the pickle. They forgot to make the chocolate drink. My "bread roll" was hard a a rock. The staff was not very pleasant. I won't return.

  • Aug 26, 2016 by Brooke H.

    I am here at least once a week! It's my go to place to have quick lunch meetings or to grab a coffee with someone! Great quality and friendly staff!

  • Aug 02, 2016 by Trevor A.

    First time eater and it won't be the last time. Ordered the Italian combo and this is one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. The bread was very fresh and the ingredients were excellent.

  • Jul 26, 2016 by Caroline W.

    This is a place I just keep coming back to!! One of my favorite restaurants in Bellevue!! Long live city limits

  • Jul 24, 2016 by Chanda M.

    We stopped to get some items to go from the bakery counter for breakfast. Cinnamon rolls were not fresh. Tasted stale. I had a blueberry muffin and it was not good either. We threw most of it away. A waste of $20!

  • Jul 02, 2016 by Ashley S.

    Great local coffee shop and bakery - I love coming here for a butter pecan latte in the morning and a grilled cheese for lunch. Has outdoor seating, wifi, and ample indoor seating. Extremely friendly staff! I like Starbucks but I love City Limits!

  • May 28, 2016 by Shannon F.

    Great place to stop in for a bagel and coffee or yummy croissant! John and his crew are always friendly and smiling!

  • May 16, 2016 by Maria

    We have eaten here 2 or 3 times.  The food is always good, not amazing.  Definitely not a bad spot to grab a quick lunch and support the local community.

  • May 11, 2016 by Robert N.

    3 1/2 stars for this place. My girlfriend and I wanted to try this place out. Think of it as a glorified Pannera. The Italian soda is nothing more than a can of Sprite and some cherry syrup they squirt in with some whip cream . It's was mediocre at best, was not impressive. The coffee is good , and the food ( I have only had the chicken panini) was well prepared . A good choice if you have never been .

  • Apr 22, 2016 by Adele J.

    This place is awesome!  Excellent food, great hours, and decent prices.

  • Apr 17, 2016 by Rebecca

    Nice coffee shop/bakery with breakfast paninis until 10 am (10:30 on weekends) & a great assortment of sandwiches & salads. Pick up a bag of 6 assorted yesterday's bagels for only $2.75!

  • Apr 12, 2016 by Angie K.

    Nice place to stop in for a sandwich. They have great cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Bagels look good.

  • Apr 04, 2016 by Kim

    Desserts and sandwiches

  • Apr 02, 2016 by Logan K.

    Great little cafe! Very good food and many different choices on the menu. Service is fast and friendly.

  • Mar 30, 2016 by Sarah G.

    My husband and I love this place. The grilled cheese Panini is the BEST! I also love the Portabella bisque. Everything is so fresh. Save room for dessert. You will not be disappointed!

  • Mar 27, 2016 by Anita R.

    One of our favorite spots. We love breakfast and lunch here. The soups are always good. They offer a variety of salads and sandwiches and you can get the city max and choose some of each. Great food, and a great value. Have not had anything that I didnt like. The pastries and coffee are also good and a great place to grab some fresh baked homemade bread for entertaining our your own sandwich creations.

  • Mar 12, 2016 by Holly J.

    This place is right down the street from my parents. The service is always great. Our favorite is the grilled cheese. The desserts are great! Favorite is the blonde brownies.  Very generous portions.

  • Feb 27, 2016 by Susan S.

    I wish their tomato basil soup was a little more tomatoey. But it was pretty good. They gave you a large bowl for the price. I ended up having their special with 2 menu items (can't remember what it was called) for $8.95 I think. I ordered the chicken Caesar salad which was also a good size.  I will return one morning to try their coffee and bagels.

  • Feb 21, 2016 by Joyce D.

    If you're looking for a local cafe with good food and good coffee, this is the place. Maybe slightly on the pricey side, but worth it for the freshness of the food.

  • Feb 14, 2016 by Mona B.

    Good soups. Good Salads. Good sandwiches. Go for a relaxing breakfast of lunch. They don't rush you except when ordering at times.

  • Feb 09, 2016 by Amanda B.

    This place is really good! It's basically like Panera, but with flavor, and the food tastes more real/fresh. My favorite is the turkey melt sandwich. Yum. I'm a self-appointed roll connoisseur and the rolls are yummy and chewy-crunchy (other connoisseurs will get it). The staff is really nice, too. The crowd seems to be mostly kind of yuppy older folks, but it's a cool place with families and junk too.

  • Feb 08, 2016 by Lindsey L.

    I really enjoyed city limits cafe. the coffee and the pastries are the best i have had in nashville!

  • Jan 29, 2016 by Donna H.

    City Limits Cafe in Bellevue has delicious soups, sandwiches, breads and sweets. I have enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner here for years. The atmosphere is a cozy cafe where you always run into someone you know! The service is impeccable. Mrs. Woods, the owner, does so much to support other businesses and organizations within Bellevue including the local schools. Their catering is superb too!

  • Jan 29, 2016 by June S.

    Awesome soups, salads and sandwiches. Their Mushroom Bisque is fantastic! Try the Turkey Brie Panini! so yummy

  • Jan 26, 2016 by C H.

    My all time favorite. The city Max is the best deal in town. I also love the seasonal items such as pumpkin anything and the Christmas cookies. Gave them this year and everyone raved about them. When I want to cheat on my eating plan, this is where I go. red Velvet muffin anyone?

  • Jan 25, 2016 by Theresa D.

    Very high quality sandwiches and soups. The lobster bisque which is served only on Friday is worth a trip to Bellevue.

  • Jan 25, 2016 by Susan C.

    City Limits Bakery is locally owned and operated. They are a huge supporter of BMS! They have yummy soups, salads, and sandwiches.

  • Jan 25, 2016 by Deborah.haynes H.

    When ever we get a day to leave work for lunch, we go to visit City Limits, we always enjoy time spent there. The staff is friendly and quick, and the food is excellent! The soup is always fantastic. I always have a hard time deciding what I am going to eat because everything is wonderful.

  • Jan 24, 2016 by Tracy D.

    Love their Caesar dressing!! My favorite in lobster bisque bread bowl on Friday's. I wish they had it other days also!

  • Jan 24, 2016 by Debbie C.

    City Limits Bakery & Café has a devoted following of Bellevue locals and is raved about by first-time visitors. Local businesses and party planners take have its food catered for their functions. The food is fresh and delicious, from the homemade breads/pastries to the homemade soups. The staff is friendly and helpful. The menu is diverse and offers alternatives for vegans/vegetarians. The prices are comparable to other soup and sandwich restaurants. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating. Being set on a side street in a residential area, this restaurant offers a comfortable, casual feel as a great place to bring family and friends.

  • Jan 24, 2016 by Mark P.

    Good food, good people and in Bellevue. They are a locally owned company and invest in the schools. Good service and friendly people, just like Nashville itself.

  • Jan 03, 2016 by Sarah K.

    Great local cafe! Similar to panera (but a little more expensive and a little slower, but they do make their food fresh so that's always good.) They have an extensive menu. We enjoyed paninis for dinner, then decided to get dessert. The paninis were great and our chocolate croissant was good (but not amazing). It was fresh though, and they heated it up for us and brought it to our table with two forks. A nice touch! We wish they had wifi though.

  • Dec 13, 2015 by Shayna T.

    My all time favorite salad, sandwich, and soup spot. This place will let your taste pallet know how shitty Panera bread, Bread and company, Zoe's kitchen is. This is quality, local food you gotta respect!

  • Dec 09, 2015 by George A.

    City limits is a friendly, casual, and wonderful restaurant. I love the Tomato bisque with grilled cheese. The Caesar salad is yummy too. The food comes out quickly. It has a walk up counter to order your food. The bake goods are wonderful too. This is a great family place that has a cool local vibe

  • Oct 29, 2015 by Kristie R.

    My favorite place for a croissant breakfast sandwich  or homemade variety of soups. The bagels and cream cheese are fresh. All of the soups are fantastic but the asparagus soup is the best we have ever had and every year we look forward to it. There are often unique soups such as pumpkin soup to choose from and they are all very good and unique and homemade. The breads are all freshly baked daily and the croissants are fantastic.The sandwiches are petty good especially the hot ones good but again my favorite items here are the soups and why I gave it 5 stars. They have a few choices of salads and they are ok. I don't care for the hard roll but my children love it. I just prefer soft. Top it all off with a fresh baked Danish or frozen coffee drink. Glad there is a place unique like here!

  • Sep 23, 2015 by Alvin P.

    This is a pretty good place to get some breakfast food. City Limits is located a bit out of the way in Bellevue, as you have to drive into a neighborhood area, and over the train tracks to get here.  However, the somewhat isolated location (It's a random strip mall surrounded by suburban houses) provides good parking spots.  It's located very close to the train tracks, so if you are sitting outside when the train comes by, it might get a bit loud, however there are only a few seats outside.   It can get a bit busy in the morning, but the line moves pretty quickly. The people seem friendly.  I wasn't blown away by friendliness in my few visits, but I wasn't turned off by them either.  It's a standard friendly affair I guess.   I've been here a few times so these reviews are based on a variety of visits.   Onto the Food (Vegetarian for the most part, hence only vegetarian options discussed) Tomato Basil Soup:  Probably one of the better soups I've had in a while.  I love the taste, the consistency, and the pieces aren't too chunky.  I got takeout, and they had it in a styrofoam cup that has an inside lid (I don't know what it's called, but the lid if fitted inside of the cup instead of over it, helping to keep more warmth in), which meant my soup was hot even after a 15 minute journey home.  The soup comes with a bread that is allright.   California Banini:  Essentially an egg and cheese bagel, the sandwich tastes pretty good.  It's better than the fast food options available in the area for sure.  I also believe the eggs were just egg whites, I don't remember tasting egg yolk in the sandwich.   You do get a choice of bagels if you ask them.   Egg and Cheese Croissant:  Pretty much a straight forward, egg and cheese on a croissant.  You get a choice of eggs, and I believe more topping if you choose, but I didn't want it to be complicated.   Vegetarian Delight:  A Sandwich, that I found to be disappointing.  It's bread, hummus, cucumbers, and onions.  It just doesn't stand out, and the cucumbers tend to be the main focus of the sandwich.  Tasted pretty bland to me, since the hummus wasn't really standing out, and the onions were few and far in between.   I think this is a good place to try out for breakfast, but I didn't love their regular day options.  It seemed a bit flat to me.  The breakfast "baninis" end at 10 am.   I love the tomato soup here, so that's probably going to be the one thing that brings me back.  The breakfast food is good enough that I'll order it when I'm there.   I'll recommend it to most people if they want to try a new place for breakfast.

  • Aug 16, 2015 by Jim S.

    Decent local place.  As others said, like Panera, without all of the franchise feel.  Service was good. Order and pick up at the counter.  Clean and roomy.  Good for groups and with kids.  We had the half sandwich and Salad/Soup combo.   Good food if your in Bellevue.

  • Aug 09, 2015 by Melissa M.

    Great little restaurant close to home. I have had the Greek chicken panini, the Italian combo and a Reese's cookie. All were good but the cookie awesome. :-)

  • Aug 07, 2015 by Joanne B.

    Love the turkey cheddar melt and the turtle brownies are awesome when they have them. My husband is all about the Cobb salad. They have yet to disappoint me.

  • Jun 08, 2015 by Mistye A.

    I know everybody seems to love this place but both times I've gotten attitude on trying to order simple things. i. e. An iced green tea. I basically ended up making it myself. Maybe I'm being a princess, but how difficult is it to make an iced green tea. I really would love to love this place, but no wifi. What?!?!? I'd park myself here regularly to work if they had wifi & yes that means I would be eating & sipping the whole time.

  • Mar 15, 2015 by Torrey C.

    Panera on steroids is what I like to call this place; except City Limits has better quality ingredients and a more appealing menu. I am a huge fan of the soup and salad combo, I have tried almost all of them my favorite are the cream of asparagus  and lobster bisque. My favorite salad the standard Cesar salad (love their dressing for this one). Although all their salads are great and made with fresh products so it isn't like a regaled salad from panera, these ones are much tastier and way more fresh!

  • Feb 10, 2015 by Katie U.

    Obviously a great place because it's always packed. Nice cafe atmosphere, and a nice menu with a variety of options. Their soups are really good. The sandwiches I've had have been ok - not amazing but not bad. Prices are reasonable- comparable to Panera What would make it 5 stars for me? Use of local and natural ingredients, and more outlets for those of us with old laptops to plug in!

  • Feb 07, 2015 by Jenny B.

    I've been going to this place for years; good sandwiches, great salads, and love their bagel sandwiches. I've decided, however, due to their consistently unfriendly staff I will find somewhere else to get my deli fix in Bellevue. There's seems to be a high turnover rate because I see new faces a lot. I'm guessing it's not a happy place to work because its sure not a happy place to dine.

  • Dec 31, 2014 by Scarlet Paolicchi

    I love this place. So proud to have a place in Bellevue where they make from scratch their delicious pastries, bagels, and breads. Really great soups and salads and panini too!

  • Dec 21, 2014 by Patrick

    Even though it's not on the menu, they'll make you a Chai tea latte.

  • Dec 17, 2014 by Razzle D.

    Well let's start with the good. Panera type restaurant with good food and laid back atmosphere. Now with the bad a focus on the staff. Every time I go up there the staff seems to really hate being there or has an attitude you'd prefer not to see when walking in a place. It actually makes me not want to go up there for food anymore. Definetly not world class customer service on any scale and the sad thing is, they barely have to interact with you.

  • Dec 08, 2014 by Kayla J.

    So delicious! A local treasure to the Bellevue area. Large selection of delicious sandwiches- cold or hot, yummy soups (tomato basil is wonderful!!), salads. Have not had the pleasure of having the breakfast yet, but can't wait to try it ASAP! You can't go wrong here! Plus the service is wonderful!

  • Nov 26, 2014 by Andy B.

    3.5 star  review - I went in for breakfast one day and had the huevos rancheros bagel.  I was a little bummed they were out of plain bagels, so I got the everything bagel.  It was a little too crunchy, but it was still pretty solid.  Not wowed by anything here, but wasn't let down either.  My date didn't quite care for her bagel, she thought it was too crunchy/overdone as well.

  • Nov 25, 2014 by Jason B.

    This is a place I visit fairly often for weekend lunches, but decided to go for breakfast on a recent Saturday morning.  City Limits is essentially like a locally owned Panera. For breakfast, they offer a decent selection of pastries, bagels, and sandwiches.  I could tell the Saturday morning breakfast crowd consists mainly of regulars, as I was the only customer they didn't greet by my first name as soon as I walked in the door. Lunch and dinner menus include a nice selection of soup, salads, and cold or hot sandwiches.  My favorite soup is the chicken enchilada, and the roast beef panini with horeradish is my favorite sandwich. Good deli.

  • Oct 05, 2014 by Eric P.

    My family has been eating here since it opened. We particularly like eating lunch here on Sunday. Each item we order is always good and we often try new menu offerings. The tea selections are superb whether you are drinking cold or hot. The bakery area has wonderful variety and so far we have always liked what we purchased. Give this local owned and operated place a try. You won't be disappointed. Don't be shocked when a large, fast moving train comes by during your visit. A major CSX track sits directly behind the building!

  • Oct 05, 2014 by John F.

    Very lucky to live right down the road from our favorite restaurant. Best service and excellent breakfast sandwiches and pasties. Then the lunch/dinner items are always fresh and tasty. Pricing is very fair. We will be back again (most likely today). jf

  • Sep 21, 2014 by Runnergurl1980

    Excellent. I absolutely love this little gem of Bellevue! I am always pleased with my experience -- the food is delicious and fresh, the staff are very kind and friendly. They will go out of their way to make sure you are happy with your meal or drink. I also enjoy the atmosphere -- It's a nice and quiet place to read or have lunch with a friend, and there is a little section with couches and comfy chairs at the back of the cafe, so it's nice to sit back and relax. I will continue my frequent visits. Thank you City Limits!

  • Sep 06, 2014 by Shannon

    I've eaten here twice. That's it. Each time I had horrible service and the food was bad. My kids grilled cheese was hard and greasy and did not have a pickle as it stated in menu. My salad was ok, but they just threw the roll on top of my container and it was seriously hard as a rock. The food is way over priced. Go to Bread and Company instead.

  • Sep 03, 2014 by Daniel C.

    I am so glad this place is just a mile from my house! The food is great and the atmosphere is relaxing!

  • Jun 25, 2014 by Kristina W.

    Bellevue is lucky to have this little place. I have been going to City Limits for years, even when they had their other locations. I have never had a bad experience with service or food. It is truly a local place. The employees are always friendly and remember you (and your preferences). It is a place where I feel comfortable going solo, grabbing a chai freeze (try it, truly amazing), and catching up on work. It isn't uncommon to see teens having lunch, moms with toddlers playing games while having a cookie and milk, and some older ladies playing some card game that I don't know what it is. The food is always amazing, fresh, and fast. It is a little pricier than Panera, but it is worth it. The salads, sandwiches, and soups are all good. They do let you sample soups too, which is always good. I haven't ordered soup lately, but if I recall they have at least one vegetarian soup a day. I have ordered yesterday's bagels a few times, just a bag of bagels for a great price. I recently discovered their breakfast and love it, especially the huevo ranchero bagel. On weekend mornings the wait is a little longer, but totally worth the wait. The desserts are always great, just standards you can find anywhere else, but always good. I don't drink coffee, but my friends have said it's great. The chai freeze is a huge selling point for me. It is also in the same center as Pizza Perfect. I enjoy having dinner at City Limits, then heading to Pizza Perfect for a couple of games of air hockey. I think the only downside is there is no wifi, and also when it rains a lot the lot looks flooded.

  • May 13, 2014 by John W.

    It took us a couple of years of living in Bellevue before we discovered City Limits (that predated my discovery of Yelp). It's one bookend of a building along the railroad tracks on Old Harding Road (the other bookend is also an excellent restaurant). The checklist of what is good there is pretty long. Service is great. Even on a busy Sunday, they keep people moving at a decent pace. Food is very good. Desserts are awesome. Bagels are great. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. There is really no good reason to not go out out of your way for City Limits; and if you are passing by, or on your way to the Natchez Trace or some other point west of Nashville, this is a great place to stop for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, coffee - whatever.

  • May 11, 2014 by Glen B.

    Panera WISHES they could be City Limits. Terry has been in business and supported the Bellevue community for at least 16 years, which is how long I've been here.  The food here is fresh, flavorful, and always delicious!  Out of all the great restaurants now in Nashville, my Mom still always requests City Limits!

  • Mar 31, 2014 by Cassie S.

    Love that this is in my hood!  Such a better option than Panera - especially the salads.  While I wish I could indulge in the sandwiches (some of them look SO good, but, alas, no GF breads), I appreciate that the salads are all made with high quality ingredients and some of them are really creative.  I had the spinach salad yesterday, and while it doesn't look like much, the dressing is SO good and the ingredients go together so well that it's definitely more than the sum of its parts.  Boyfriend had the cranberry chicken salad - he seemed to really enjoy it.  Their coffee selection is nice, but as a tea drinker (who prefers unsweetened and uncaffeinated beverages), there wasn't much to choose from.  I'll go with water next time.   It gets busy at lunch (especially on Sundays, since the other good local option, Cottage Cafe, isn't open) and so service can get slow, but the food is good and they don't hurry you out the door or anything.  Huge asset to the neighborhood.

  • Feb 27, 2014 by Angela

    Give yourself a treat.. Great place for fresh salads and sandwiches. Soups are delicious and homemade. Wonderful breakfast sandwiches and good coffee. Staff friendly and courteous. Never dissatisfied and I have been going there for as long as it has been open.

  • Jan 18, 2014 by Brad H.

    It's a nice, local, neighborhood joint. Acts a kind of a neighborhood hub. Good cookies which is key, good sandwich's and I am told the soup is good too although I have never had it. Breakfast or lunch, you're good either way.

  • Jan 09, 2014 by Cameron

    The honey balsamic dressing is the best thing ever!

  • Oct 07, 2013 by Samantha

    Tomato basil soup is the bomb.

  • Sep 21, 2013 by Nicholas

    Kind of like Panera, but better.

  • Sep 15, 2013 by DeeDee Durham

    Incredible!! Always so good.... Incredible!! Always so good and exactly as ordered. The breakfast is as good as the rest of the menu!! Love this place!!

  • Jun 05, 2013 by Jessica B.

    Great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch! Muffins are wonderful and the staff is super sweet and very helpful.

  • May 22, 2013 by Jennifer P.

    So I came here again this past Saturday and it's still the bomb. I got the half turkey melt and half spinach salad. The spinach salad is SO good. Their warmed honey balsamic vinaigrette is what dreams are made of. I also tried their lemon jazz bar pastry and it was delish. Its like someone took a lemon square and a lemon meringue pie and mixed them together with blueberries. We loved their sourdough bread so much we bought a loaf to take home too. Quickly becoming my favorite place in the Bellevue area.

  • May 03, 2013 by Mr. CV Jingles

    Can't go wrong! Great soups sammaches, friendly staff.

  • Apr 14, 2013 by Miss Pistol

    Fantastic place! I found this little gem a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed everything there! The people who work there are always friendly, and the food most certainly never disappoints! I would highly recommend to anyone that they stop in.

  • Apr 05, 2013 by LaNair L.

    I am staying in Nashville - Bellevue Area - for a week. So, I am getting to try all the local places. My first lunch was at City Limits Bakery and Cafe. The food tasted great and service was fast and friendly. There isn't one thing bad to say about the place as far as the food, service and selection. Even the concept is good. There were locals hanging out and chatting over a bottle of beer and every customer seems to be in a great mood. I like the idea that they have special coffee's and drink along with serving beers. And what is better, it doesn't feel like a Bar - because it's a "Cafe"! With all that to the side I must critique their "Small Things". I am a Marketing Strategist and I think there are a few "Small Things" they could do to bring more business. First I would upload the menu somewhere online, from what I can tell they don't have a website or facebook page. In 2013 you are waving at people driving by if you don't have a web presence. Secondly, offer Wifi to your guests. I would have loved to spend 2hrs in here eating and working but there is no internet connect in this Bakery & Cafe. Again, it's 2013 and if you serve coffee you should have Wifi. This morning I wanted to order the food and come back to my room to work. But there is no menu online for me to call in. Sorry City Limits Bakery and Cafe... you only got one meal out of me... but the small things matter!

  • Mar 23, 2013 by S. K.

    I was recommended to go here by my gym manager. I was just in search of a good salad. Well, when I came here I found a great Cobb salad (my fave!) and more. They have a bunch of pastries and drinks to choose from. The only negative is that they do not have internet and so you cannot really do any work here than might require having access to it (which is mostly what I need as a blogger, student and professional). It's nice though because when I want to study this place offers a bunch of different space options (larger tables/couches/etc available) and I can usually find my own quite spot. Nice place to spend a quite Sunday morning! I think it's worth it to check it out. :)

  • Feb 18, 2013 by Ashley P.

    So glad I finally sought this place out. What a refreshing change of pace in Bellevue. Had a delicious Cobb salad in a cute relaxed setting. The chicken on the salad was nice and fresh tasting. The salad was pretty large for the price.  My only complaint was that the roll with my salad was rock hard. Basically inedible. I will definitely be back in to try one of their sandwiches as well as for more of that Cobb salad. The staff was friendly. Perfect atmosphere  for reading a book on a day off. Overall I enjoyed my meal and especially the atmosphere.

  • Feb 09, 2013 by Stefanie H.

    I've been eating at this restaurant since it first opened, and I have yet to get tired of their lobster bisque (Friday is forever known in my mind as "Lobster Bisque Day."). It's kind of like Panera, except it's family-owned. There normally isn't a greeter, but I personally am not put off by that. You simply walk up to the counter and start to order. Their Citi Max (1/2 sandwich with either a soup or a salad) is a good go-to meal, and the food is quite tasty. The atmosphere is charming with good music playing overhead (but never too loudly), and the drinks are free refill. I very highly recommend this restaurant, especially on Fridays. :)

  • Jan 05, 2013 by Janet Y.

    This is a great little spot tucked away in Bellevue. Other viewers have mentioned it-- but this is a non-chain version of Panera. The sandwiches are great. The prices are reasonable and the people who work here are really nice! When you go into a deli that gives you a fresh pickle slice, you know it's legit. YUMMO!

  • Nov 29, 2012 by Lives In Bellevue

    Yuck!!. I just ordered a soup and half-sandwich to go. I ordered the potato soup and it is disgusting. It tastes very processed and is really thick like oatmeal. The panini was on dry bread and I believe the chicken is canned chicken. I like my food to be fresh and prepared in-house and not from frozen and canned mixes. I would not recommend City Limits to anyone.

  • Jul 30, 2012 by Lorraine N.

    this is like a mom-n-pop version of a panerra....i stopped in here not knowing what to expect and first off I wasn't greeted or acknowledged by anybody and was not sure where the ordering took place vs. picking up the food...however I finally waited and watched for somebody else to order and got myself hot tea and a orange was a nice place to sit and the tea was excellent--it was agood quality brand of english breakfast and the muffin was moist---next time I go i will probably get something little more substantial as it appeared to have some good quality soup and sandwiches.....I would have ordered a bagel sandwich with egg and cheese but for some reason they stop serving egg sandwiches after 11:00 so that was a dislike!!

  • Jul 08, 2012 by Blackberryhillmusic

    Love their soups. Great soups -----08 Jul, 2012----- Great Sandwiches. Great place for soup and sandwich with family!

  • Jul 08, 2012 by Dan Proctor

    Unpleasant Experience. Removed by poster

  • Jun 20, 2012 by Adam S.

    Nice little place. Option for getting half sandwich with a side salad or soup. Great deal! I had their chicken salad sandwich. It was very good but not the typical chicken salad since chicken was cut in to cubes and not shredded like most places. Still very good!

  • May 22, 2012 by Martha Balis-Larsen

    Worth the slight detour off I40. Enjoyed the soup and sandwich option, lots of choices.

  • May 12, 2012 by theDr0ux

    Orange blossom muffin is great so is chocolate croissant. Go elsewhere for coffee.

  • Feb 11, 2012 by I

    Love the Brie & Pear Panini. Can't miss the soup either.

  • Jan 20, 2012 by Alicia

    Try the Spring salad...or the Blue Beef sammie...or the Tomato Basil soup...all so awesome...everything is delicioso!!

  • Dec 13, 2011 by Jason

  • Nov 29, 2011 by Melissa L.

    Super yummy! I found this place about two weeks before leaving Nashville and I miss it so much! Amazing salads and sandwiches.

  • Oct 08, 2011 by Beth

    Banini only served till 10.

  • Oct 08, 2011 by David

    I like the sunrise muffins.

  • Oct 08, 2011 by Beth

    Mushroom Brie soup is awesome

  • Sep 28, 2011 by Beachbum

    Great!. Great sandwiches, salads, soups, and coffee. We have not tried the pastries yet. We stop here for lunch often.

  • Sep 10, 2011 by Beth

    The soup is great

  • Aug 18, 2011 by Sarah Mitoraj-Robinson

  • Aug 16, 2011 by Brittany D

    They have a mushroom Brie soup that is heavenly! Must try

  • Jul 18, 2011 by Beka

    Every Monday in July is buy 1 sandwich, get 1 free!!

  • Jun 06, 2011 by Ulyanah

    Good food but the owners are rude to their own staff! I'm sorry but being a business wonder myself I cannot support this. Disappointed!

  • Apr 28, 2011 by David Bullington

  • Mar 05, 2011 by Steve D.

    Great bakery/cafe. There is nothing bad here: soup,sandwich, bread, bagels, deserts you name it. If you live in the west of Nashville and have not been here you are missing out. It's so good even Clint Black comes here.

  • Feb 20, 2011 by Retail Nashville

    Easily one of our favorites! Locally owned with good food and atmosphere. Sandwiches and soups are never a disappointment. Deserts are a treat too!

  • Feb 11, 2011 by Fran S.

    This is my favorite sandwich shop in Nashville. The Grilled Cheese Pannini is to die for! The soups are delicious, and they have some wonderful specialty salads too. This out of the way cafe is a great place for a leisurely meal...there are tables inside and outside, and the seating is spread out...allowing seperate tables to actually have conversations. They also have great desserts and coffee drinks too...stop by and check it out sometime!

  • Dec 15, 2010 by Maggie

    Great food. The soup is amazing.

  • Nov 10, 2010 by Krystal L.

    Love this place great atmosphere and good deli and bakery food.

  • Jul 30, 2010 by Robyn1065

    Love it!. The people are warm and friendly and the sandwiches are always excellent.

  • Jun 26, 2010 by Terry

    Always Very Good. Never disapointed, cozy and welcoming. Great for just a coffee or a meal. I recomend

  • Jun 04, 2010 by Nick N.

    Great out of the way place to eat and relax!  City Limits has a small variety of soups and sandwiches that are really good...and naturally they have a selection of pastries as well which I love to eat for dessert.  Atmosphere is clean and comfortable, you can sit inside or out and it isn't too crowded, even when they are busy as they don't have tables overly cramped together.  The food I have tried has been excellent, so far my favorite is the portobello mushroom panni!  Delicious!!!  All the pastries I have eaten here have been great too and as well they make pretty good lattes.  The service has been really friendly and quick and food has been quick, hot, and portions are of good size!  If you are in the Bellevue area I highly recommend that you give this little place a go even though it might seem in an out of the way location.  Then again, that is part of what makes it so great!

  • Jan 09, 2010 by Chris Stewart

    Pastries are great, coffee........... I think that City Limits would benefit heavily by using another coffee supplier, specifically Bongo Java. The coffee they serve is good but, it is not the "best" in town. If they want to win the hearts of the passionate coffee drinkers in Bellevue, they should pursue a higher grade of coffee. Following this strategy will differentiate city limits from the larger chain coffee shops and give them greater success in sales.

  • Oct 14, 2009 by Bryan De Cuir

    I eat at City Limits very often and the food is consistently very good. The creative sandwiches and fresh made soups can be put in so many different combinations that the menu never grows old. Their cookies, pastries and brownies are scrumptious. I would recommend City Limits to anyone!

  • Aug 02, 2009 by Njstar

    I don't often get to visit City Limits, but I always enjoy time spent there. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, the staff is super friendly and quick, and, oh, the soup! The soup is always fantastic. I usually get the 1/2 sandwich and a soup combo, and have never been disappointed. My favorite is the mushroom brie soup! The pastries are pretty good too! Not the best in town, but always good. The oreo bars are not to be missed.

  • May 04, 2009 by karenann

    My husband and I frequent the City Limits Cafe on a regular basis. It is hands down my husbands favorite place to stop and relax with a delicious cup of coffee with endless refills and smooth flavors to choose from. We both enjoy the salads, soups, and sandwiches. The Spring salad with pear slices and walnuts is a wonderful blend of fresh ingredients with a perfectly balanced raspberry vinargarette. One of my favorite soups is the corn chowder. The desserts are a major temptation with their sumptuous flavors. One of the best muffins is the cranberry/walnut.....yum.

  • Apr 16, 2009 by Susan S.

    The Chicken Jack sandwich is delicious! Their pastries--muffins, cookies, brownies, lemon squares-ALL OF THEM! are equally as delicious. While their soups do change daily, my only wish would be that they might have some daily specials with the rest of their menu. Plenty of highchairs, good for kids.

  • Nov 26, 2008 by gwynmorrison

    My husband and I live in Bellevue and wanted to feed 8 people for Thanksgiving. We saw an ad in the City Limits window and for 150 dollars you could get a 12-14 pound turkey, gravy, stuffing, 2 vegetables, rolls and 2 desserts. It says this package will feed 8-10 people. Thanks goodness!! tonight we opened it and looked at it since the little pan the turkey came in felt so light. The top says turkey 10 pounds and it is all cut up and looks very sawed up and pitiful to put on a Thanksgiving table. tI might feed 6 people but no more and the vegetables might fee 4 people. Rolls look very cheap and it says yeast rolls but I am so humiliated to serve this food for Thanksgiving. I am going to cook much food tonight and not feel like I have to apologize to my guests. Never again will we get a so called Thanksgiving feast from City Limits. They have cheated us and assuming they did this to everyone. I hope others complain and since I had to spend another 70 dollars to get a rounded out meal that didn't look cheap, I paid a lot for Thanksgiving. The bread pudding is only big enough to feed 3 grown average size people. I already went to Honey Baked Hams and bought a ham so guests will feel they have enough to eat. I thought it best to write to tell everyone and not just the management. They already know what they sold me. This came from Eats a la carte, which City Limits owns and next to them , near the new Publix in Bellevue.

  • Nov 18, 2008 by justanotheronetwothree

    The food here all comes from Sysco-everything! Nothing is fresh made. Need an ingredient list, too bad, they're not willing to look in to it. None of the soup is homemade, it either comes in a bag or is frozen and they add water. Ask them ff rhey home make their bread or soup and they will lie to your face and say they do. From what I hear they are horrible to their employees, and they must walk on eggshells becasue they never know if they will get happy owners or crazed owners. The manager that was running both locations left because of the way the owners treat people. If you care about treating people the way you want to be treated- DO NOT EAT HERE!!!

  • Oct 27, 2008 by oheyyouab

    My four year old daughter and I eat her often. I usually get the City Max, which is very reasonable and perfectly portioned. She gets a grilled cheese kid's meal, which sure beats chicken and french fries any day. The salads are fresh, crunchy, and made while you wait. They're not sitting in some fridge waiting to be yanked out. If you stand by the counter, you can watch them be put together. I'm especially fond of their raspberry vinaigrette. It's tangy and sweet. I am addicted to their mushroom brie soup. I buy it by the quart. I am starting an unofficial campaign to get them to offer it more than just on Fridays. If you love it as much as I do, please request it, too! I sent mine in writing.

  • Sep 08, 2008 by takhek

    The freshest salads, breads, everything is GREAT! A great place to take friends, or get a ""to-go"" order...made fresh when you order!

  • Aug 25, 2008 by cowgirlup4

    Good food. Good drinks. You can sit for hours and just feel relaxed! I love this place! The location on Clofton Drive is very nice and cozy. [:

  • Aug 14, 2008 by macymay

    they have awesome food but their cookies are EXPENSIVE! $2 a cookie even for bulk orders! puffy muffin makes the yummiest cookies and only charge $.85. i definitely recommend this restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner but not for catering.

  • Aug 13, 2008 by hungryinbellevue

    I agree, everything is fantastic at City limits and now it is double the food with another location. They just opened a new location off of High Way 100 (across from the YMCA), along with two new restaurants. I couldn't wait to try them all!!!! City Limits still has the same quality food, Eats Ala Carte is a prepared carry out restaurant and I just have to say "no more cooking"!!!!! Eats can help you entertain like a pro or just have a really good dinner. The third restaurant is fine dining, 100 West. You can't go wrong, you can sit and have a fabulous dinner or go to the bar and eat some light or heavy appetizers. The wine list is great!!!!!!!!!

  • Jul 12, 2008 by Dan E.

    I went to City Limits the other night, and I really enjoyed it!  In my mind, it is a MUCH better version of Panera - the two have similar options and styles of food, but City Limits definitely has better tasting food, better value, and less pretentiousness. I particularly enjoyed the potato soup and the spring salad.  The salad was especially fresh, and I thought that it was prepared perfectly. The sandwiches were adequate and tasty, but nothing too special.  I thought that the value was quite good - I spent about $9 and was definitely full at the end of the meal (which is niiiice).   For a great meal that's won't hurt your wallet, I definitely recommend City Limits!   Oh yeah, and the pastries are awesome!  I highly recommend the cinnamon rolls (some of the best in town)...

  • May 28, 2008 by kristen p.

    City Limits is a cute little place with some healthy vegetarian options. This place offers sandwiches, salads, and a full espresso bar. However they seem to be trying way too hard to be trendy. But they are definitely better than Bread & Co.

  • May 20, 2008 by Emma L.

    City Limits is an awesome little place over in Bellevue. In my opinion, on par or even better than Bread & Company, City Limits is less frou frou and has a generally better selections of soups, sandwiches, and salads. While perhaps comparative in price, you easily get out of here, with a drink, for less than $10, and the city max (pick 2: bowl of soup, half sandwich, half salad) is a great option if you want a light dinner (probably a bowl of soup) and something to take home the next day (probably one of the generously large half-paninis). I feel like City Limits is a warmer and much more low-key atmosphere than Bread&Co, offering a quick bite and a large and satisfying menu. Even so, I would go to Bread & Company for breads and pastries more likely than here. Suggestions: Chicken jack panini, grilled cheese, Greek salad, cream of potato soup

  • Nov 07, 2007 by gigi65

    I have enjoyed City Limits great food and service since it opened in our neighborhood. The great New York style baked bagles, toasted, with creamed cheese are the only way to start the day, unless it's a stressful day then the cinnamon bun is a must. (Of course with their great coffee) For lunch I admit that I love the chicken salad on multi-grain. The bread has a grainy texture and the big grilled pieces of chicken are mixed with a tastey mayo blend. I can only eat half of the sandwich which is large, so I often get the City Max with 1/2 sandwich and 1/2 salad. I especially like their greek or portabella salad w/ my sandwich, but the Grilled Chicken Santa Fe salad with celantro dressing is my favorite for an entree. The black bean & corn salsa on it is the best. The many coffee drinks and desserts are too varied to review as are the breads that sell by the loaf. It's a great neighborhood bakery and cafe where I run into many of my neighbors a couple of times a week. I rate it high because I have always received great quality food and service.

  • Oct 30, 2007 by Tart L.

    This bakery is truly out of the way, off the beaten track near the Nashville-Davidson County boundry with Williamson County. Many of the items are premium price, but that's okay with the higher income people of the area. The Bread Company bakery restaurant at the fork of highways 70 and 100 is higher quality. Most of the menu items at City Limits have a similar version that is better at their nearby competitor.

  • Oct 24, 2007 by gurugirl2

    Love The New Menu. Tried the breakfast bagel with spinach...yum, yum!

  • Sep 28, 2007 by cameraman51

    ...and the bread on my Italian combo was, to be generous, sub par. On the plus side the meats were ample and the fillings ok. The cheese was non-descript. The lemon square for desert was too sweet. not lemony enough and the shell was bland and gooey. My wife nailed it when she said "" pass this one by and look for a nearby middle school cafeteria.""

  • Apr 17, 2007 by goldlinda

    An employee (a high school senior, age 17) at City Limits was meeting with her Navy recruiter and called one of the managers to say she was going to be a couple of minutes late. He told her that was fine. She arrived at work less than 5 minutes late. Her recruiter came to City Limits about 30 minutes later and asked if she could take 5 minutes to speak to his commanding officer. Once again, the manager said it was OK for her to take her break and meet with him. As she left the counter area, Terry (one of the OWNERS) asked the employee ""where are you going?"" She explained that the manager had given her permission to speak with her recruiter. At that point Terry said ""no I don't think were already late because of this NAVY CR*P."" The employee returned to work after apologizing to her recruiter. Following this incident, this employee was not given any time to work for 2 weeks. When she called to ask why she was not on the schedule, Terry said ""it's not working out, the thing with the Navy recruiter was the last straw."" It is disturbing that a local Nashville employer seems unwilling to work with a student who wishes to serve her country! It's a bakery, not brain surgery! I will no longer visit this establishment and I encourage others to do the same!!

  • Mar 13, 2007 by joisymike

    Like pizza in Nashville, a good bagel has been my, if you may, Holy Grail. Since I am vehemently non-religious that makes me look silly. That is no problem since the bagels at City Limits are silly too. Knowing the art of baking, especially bagels, these are as authentic ""new yawk"" style as are Lenders in the frozen food bin at K-rogers. The size of the bagel is the best part - they are perfectly size-proportioned. However, slicing the thing open reveals a mediocre crumb, not elastic, chewy, or infused with yeast and malt. It is obvious there is no water boil for these little guys either. And how in the world do you bake a sesame bagel and when you buy it, the seeds are still raw? I'll tell ya - they put them on after they are baked. And the biggest offense? There is corn meal stuck to the bottom!! Bad bad Mr. Baker! And then there is the service. In a word: bizarre. Maybe it is a 'southern' thing, but why in the world would I want my *just baked* bagel toasted???? Why do they always ask if I want it sliced and toasted? That to me is trying too hard to be nice - it is annoying. Want to have even more fun? Order a bagel with butter. Nope. Order one with cream cheese to go - they will ask you for slicing and toasting (I say no), and then they put the bagel in a bag and plop a tub of prepackaged cream cheese in the bag!? Up north, when you ask for a bagel ""wit a schmear - to ""go"", you get a bagel prepared properly, wrapped ready for transport and then consumption. Here you have to do the slice / toast / please apply the cream cheese - and then they don't even wrap it - just toss it in a bag. Oh yeah the price - wow! 2 bagels with cream cheese = $4.04!! A bagel in a bag will set you back $0.85. The cost of living in Nashville is cheaper? Not. As far as the other items on the menu? Silly sandwiches not for me. This is another example of lack of competition - the only show in town - and a dull and pricey one at that.

  • Sep 30, 2006 by pinkstaronguitar

    if you want good, quality food for a reasonable price, this is the place for you. the bagels, breads, and pasteries are amazing. the sandwiches are underrated, by far. very original formulas and executed very very well. the salads are also original and fresh. the soups are the selling point. it's hard to find a vegetarian soup, but this place offers atleast one a day. gone are the plain vegetarian vegetable soups, they also service mushroom and brie, black bean, veggie potato, and tomato basil soups with their great fresh baked rolls. also, if you go later in the day, you can get six of their bagels (from that day) for $1.99.. still taste very fresh!